07-15-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Held via Zoom conference due to COVID-19.

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Max Brown, Dawn Rains, Nick Bonazza, Jordan Crawley, Art Chippendale, Jesse Greene, Jeff Sbaih, Chris Porter

      7:03 Gina called the meeting to order. 

      7:04 Rachel Glass introduced guest Kathy Rawle who spoke about the Postcards to Voters program. This is a great alternative to phone banking if folks want to help but don’t want to make phone bank calls. Campaigns are selected based on those which need high voter turnout to win. Sign up by texting JOIN to 484-275-2229. 

      7:20 Carla provided updates about the 34th Virtual Phone Banking program which started on July 9. We will be supporting the 26th LD once per month (August 6th is the first date) and the NC Legislative races once a month via Sister District. The latter starts on August 15th. Sign up links on Facebook and on the events calendar. More dates will be added soon for August phone banks. Every board members encouraged to sign up for at least one shift a month.

      7:30 Committee Updates

      Carla provided the Communication Committee report. Sheila Ghiabi has created a cross-platform social content plan and we will start with ‘Meet Us Monday’ on 7/27. The board and electeds will respond to a questionnaire to provide the content. Board members are asked to respond to the questionnaire by the end of week.  

      Chris and Ann gave the State Committee updates. Ann noted that the state is starting to draft rules for ‘virtual’ meetings. Chris was very unhappy with the actual results of the diversity and inclusion efforts from the delegate process. Chris also shared how the National Convention will be held. 

      The King County update was provided by Max. Endorsements were made for Kreidler and Pat McKarthy. BLM speakers gave updates. I-940 (criminal justice de-escalation and training) representatives spoke. 1776 resolution was passed (regarding the Ahmaud Arbery killing), defunding police/investment, a resolution was passed to support equity and inclusion of Political Consultants of Color (PCC). 

      Steve gave the Outreach report. Committee is unable to do much due to COVID. Steve and Karen are working on a Voter Registration training meeting on Zoom. Tina Eck may help – she did the program currently on the website. 

      Dawn gave the Finance/Membership updates.  We got a nice increase in membership for the endorsement meeting.

      Jeff provided the Diversity and Inclusion committee report. Next meeting is 5:30 at 7/28 via Zoom. Committee has met twice. The committee would like to change the name to Social Justice and Equity committee. Jeff shared that this change was in response to the current goals of the committee. They have worked on a mission statement and new goals. The group asked questions and made comments. Leah made a motion to change the name of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to Social Justice and Equity Committee. Chris Porter seconded. Ann amended the motion to change the name to Social Justice and Equity Caucus. Carla seconded. Jeff spoke against the amendment. Amendment failed. Original motion came to a vote and it passed. 

      Jeff also mentioned the incident at the Endorsement meeting last week where a member called out Jesse. Discussion was held.  

      Jordan gave the Legislative Action Committee report which included his work on Resolutions currently in front of the board/membership. We have 9 outstanding resolutions. 

      Three resolutions have been considered by the Executive Board and moved to the General Membership:

      1. Re: Commitment to Israeli-Palestinian peace & opposition to further occupation, settlement expansion, or other unilateral annexation of West Bank territory.
      2. Re: Defending immigrant rights
      3. Re: Equitable hiring and spending processes for political consultants of color

      Three resolutions have been submitted to the Chair and are pending consideration by the Executive Board:

      1. Re: Valuation of Seattle’s green space and subsequent use as an asset in the budgeting process.
      2. Re: Police accountability, reappropriation and investment of SPD budget dollars to other uses, redesignation of city-owned parcels for public use, and other related causes.
      3. Re: Supporting the proper and efficient stabilization and repair or replacement of the Jeanette Williams Memorial Bridge, commonly referred to as the West Seattle Bridge.

      Two resolutions were previously intended for consideration by the 34th Dems, but have since been withdrawn:

      1. Re: Referendum 90
      2. Re: Taxing Amazon

      One resolution has yet to be received, but is reported as remaining an issue area for conversation:

      1. Re: I-1776; expansion of the prohibition on discrimination, ensuring no-cost vaccinations, and other related causes.

      Gina shared that we can only bring in 3 resolutions to the August meeting, based on the current agenda. Chris made a motion and Leah seconded to include the PCC resolution with a recommendation to pass at the August meeting.

      Ann moved that we use the remaining 2 slots for the Israel – Palestine and Immigration resolutions. Motion was seconded by Leah Griffin. Motion passed. 

      Steve stated that the Newsletter deadline for August is July 30.. 

      8:57 Proposed General Membership August Agenda was shared by Gina. Board agreed on the agenda.

      Les made a motion to have an additional Executive Board meeting. Bylaws, Newsletter, PCO, LD, Hospitality, Treasurer, Fundraising committees did not get to provide their updates. We could also cover more of the resolutions as well. Gina stated the meeting will be held next Wednesday at 7pm via Zoom.

      9:05 Good of the Order

      Rachel mentioned that Tamsen Spangler had a house fire and needs to rent a home while repairs are being made. Her and her husband are safe. Please contact Rachel if you know of a home for rent.

      9:08 Adjourn