07-14-21 General Membership Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      June 14, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      Pre-Meeting Program – National Infrastructure Bank (NIB)

      • 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass introduced Senator Bob Hasegawa, Alphecca Muttardy and Julie Olsen
      • HR 3339, https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/3339?s=1&r=2 
      • https://www.nibcoalition.com/ 
      • Historical broad bi-cameral support for National Banks like this; 6 former presidents supported, 3 Rep and 3 Dem
      • Works similar to commercial banks in taking deposits and creating loans; charges treasury bond rate for interest, so very competitive 
      • State and local govts own 90% of nations infrastructure – they would be primary users
      • Will improve affordable housing across the country 
      • Big number for the bank, but huge need for infrastructure
      • Could potentially issue bonds, as well, and even a green bond possibly
      • Go to our website to see the meeting presentation deck and visit our Youtube channel for the full recorded presentation.\
      • Questions?

      6:47 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
      • Jake Garcia spoke in support of the Best Start for Kids Levy: Investment in Child Care Subsidy and Workers Living Wage
      • Carla shared the Speak Up Survey Question which was about our September Reunion picnic – http://bit.ly/June2021SpeakUpSurvey 
      • Carla reviewed Zoom Tips 

      VIP Acknowledgements

      • Representative Eileen Cody 
      • Schoolboard Director Leslie Harris 
      • King County Executive Dow Constantine

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda

      • Leah Griffin proposed to adopt the agenda, Rachel Glass seconded, verbal approval, no opposition. 

      Approval of June Minutes

      • Robert Williams motioned and Tamsen Spangler seconded to approve the June minutes, verbal approval, no opposition. 

      Budget Report

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker reported on the budget and this month’s finances.  Budget report was emailed to all members. Balance is over $41k.

      Membership Report

      • Memberships are now at 549!

      Announcements and Review of Endorsement Process

      • The Reunion Picnic will be held at Lincoln Park in Shelter #3 on Sept 17 4-sunset. It will be very casual, lots of 1:1 conversations. 
      • Please help GOTV for the Burien elections to maintain Democratic seats. 
      • New volunteer coordinator representing our organization: Zach Ramels
      • Contact Carla if interested in the recently available role of King County Dems Alternate
      • Two upcoming programs: 
        • July 27th from 7-8:30 KCCouncil candidate Ubax Gardheere will present Redlining in Seattle.
        • August 17th at 7 – Redistricting program presented by Alison Mcaffree from the League of Women Voters 
      • Review of Voting Procedures


      Port Commissioner position #1

      • Bunny Hatcher nominated Norman Sigler and Rachel Glass seconded.  Bunny ceded her time to Norman, who spoke for his nomination. 
      • Shauna Causey nominated Ryan Calkins and Leslie Harris seconded. Shauna spoke for Ryan briefly and ceded the rest of her time to Ryan.  Ryan spoke on his behalf.  
      • Ballot received split support. 
      • Nick Bonazza moved and Ann Martin seconded Dual Endorsement for Position #1.  Ann Martin spoke in favor of the motion. 
      • Dual endorsement passed. 

      Port Commissioner position #3

      • Leah Griffin motioned to endorse Hamdi Mohamed, Nick Bonazza seconded. Leah yielded her time to Hamdi who spoke for her nomination. 
      • Joe McDermott endorsed Stephanie Bowman and Leslie Harris seconded. Joe spoke briefly on behalf of Stephanie, and then ceded the rest of his time.  Stephanie spoke on her behalf. 
      • Leah Griffin spoke against Stephanie Bowman’s endorsement. 
      • Leslie Harris spoke in favor of Stephanie’s endorsement. 
      • Nick Bonazza spoke against. 
      • Motion for endorsement of Hamdi Mohamed passed. 

      Port Commissioner position #4

      • BJ Bullert nominated Peter Steinbreuck and Eileen Cody seconded.  BJ spoke on behalf of Peter, then ceded the rest of her time.  Peter spoke on his behalf and provided his website: www.peterforport.org 
      • Nicole Lutomoski nominated Toshiko Hasegawa and Leslie Harris seconded. Nicole ceded her time to Toshiko Hasegawa. toshiko@hasegawaforport.com; 206-992-7156; http://www.hasegawaforport.com   
      • Toshiko Hasegawa received the endorsement. 

      Candidate Spotlight 

      PCO Appointments/Announcements

      • PCO chair Nick Bonazza introduced Michele Frix and confirmed she is a Democrat.   
      • Ann Martin motioned to appoint Michele as PCO and Joe McDermott seconded. Verbal approval, no opposition. 
      • Nick also reminded the 34th to support Best Start for Kids across the 34th District. 

      Resolution in Support of Eliminating the Senate Filibuster 

      • Bunny Hatcher presented the Resolution in Support of Eliminating the Senate Filibuster.   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n9TFs0boNE8DlNDkfpw2rRVdDRNgWXjEPsGX-Rm3ltA/edit, which was sponsored by Bunny Hatcher and authored  by Camille Gix, Policy & Advocacy Committee Chair, 43rd LD Democrats and co-chair Bunny Hatcher. 
      • Bunny Hatcher motioned to support the resolution and Sara Smith seconded. Bunny Hatcher spoke in support of the motion.  Verbal approval  to adopt the resolution, with one person in opposition. 

      Resolution in Support of National Infrastructure Bank    

      • https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/3339?s=1&r=2
      • Bunny Hatcher motioned to endorse the NIB resolution. 
      • Marty Talarico spoke in favor of the resolution. 
      • Kate Richardson spoke against the resolution. 
      • Randy Litzenberger spoke in favor. 
      • Verbal vote to adopt passed, no opposition. 

      Platform Approval 

      • Jordan Crawley presented the Platform and recommended amendments  https://bit.ly/34thPlatform
      • Jordan Crawley motioned and Dawn Rains seconded to include all 11 amendments in the Platform.  
      • During discussion amendments 5 & 7 were removed from the vote to be addressed seperately 
      • Bunny Hatcher moved and Hannah Cameron seconded voting on adopting all 11 amendments EXCEPT 7 AND 5.  Verbal approval, none opposed. 
      • Jordan amended # 7 and # 5 as follows: 
        • Comprehensive care, including mental and behavioral health, physical health, rehabilitation, treatment for substance use disorders, hearing, dental, vision, nutrition services, and reproductive health.
        • Ann Martin spoke to the 5th amendment re: gerrymandering to simply state “oppose gerrymandering”
      • Michael Parker seconded the motion. 
      • Verbal approval, no opposition. 
      • Dawn Rains motioned and seconded by Michael Parker to revise language on 7 to state; Comprehensive care, including physical, mental, dental, vision, reproductive and behavioral health, including treatment and recovery support for substance use disorder.
      • Verbal approval, no opposition. 
      • Hannah Cameron motioned and Bunny Hatcher seconded to adopt the whole platform including the revised language.  Verbal approval, one person opposed. 

      Good of the Order

      • Ann Martin highlighted the redistricting discussion coming up soon.  

      Adjourned at 8:58 PM by Carla Rogers, chair.