07-08-20 Virtual General Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      July 8, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

      Gina shared the rules and process for the endorsements portion of the agenda. Board members and members introduced themselves. 

      7:00pm – Call to Order

      • Opening Ceremonies – Gina began the meeting by acknowledging the land we live on as the home of the First People. Gina also noted that we stand in solidarity with the Duwamish tribe.  Gina discussed the structure of the endorsements meeting. The meeting was recorded. 
      • VIP Acknowledgements
        • Councilmember Joe McDermott addressed the attendees. Charter Amendments are under consideration. A town hall will be held this Monday at noon on Zoom.
        • Senator Joe Nguyen spoke about some of the issues being discussed at the capital. 
        • Representative Cody spoke about the possibility of a special session. Joe Fitzgibbon, Joe Nguyen, Joe McDermott and Rep Cody are working closely on the WS Bridge Task force.
        • Representative Fitzgibbon added that he’s been working hard to get more democrats elected. He has been working on the Unemployment (ESD) situation in the state, which has been overwhelming. 
      • Gina spoke about the 34th Phone Banking initiative and asked folks to sign up for shifts. https://bit.ly/34thPhoneBank 
      • Adoption of June Minutes – There was a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Motion was seconded and the motion passed. Minutes are adopted.
      • Adoption of July Agenda – There was a motion to adopt the agenda as presented. Motion was seconded and the motion passed. Agenda is adopted.  

      7:10pm –  Precinct Committee Officer Appointments

      Nick presented 5 new PCOs for appointment. Votes were tallied and all PCOs were confirmed. 

      • SEA 34-1245  Jessie Culbert Boucher
      • SEA 34-1435  Jordan Crawley
      • SEA 34-1468  Richard O’Neill
      • SEA 34-1489  Kallie Ferguson
      • SEA 34-1246  John Murphy

      7:29pm – We heard from available candidates 

        • Don Rivers spoke as candidate for Governor. He spoke of inclusion and the importance of all people in the state.  
        • Gene Hart spoke as candidate for Governor. His written statement will be shared with the membership.
        • Michelle Jasmer spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. She shared her business/finance experience. 
        • Denny Heck spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. He discussed his endorsements and vision for governor. 
        • Mike Pellicciotti spoke as a candidate for Treasurer and discussed the importance of the role. He stressed the importance of taking the seat from a Republican who is not showing up in many of the committee meetings and is not using his voice in policy-making and financial oversight areas.  
        • Marko Liias spoke as a candidate for Lt. Governor. Marko wants to deliver bold change.
        • Joshua Casey spoke as candidate for Auditor.  He spoke about his experience and accredidation.
        • Pat McCarthy spoke as current State Auditor and candidate for re-election. Pat spoke of her past experience in Pierce county and in her current role. She spoke about the role of the Auditor.
        • Eileen Cody spoke as candidate for reelection as State Representative, running unopposed.
        • Joe Fitzgibbon spoke about his candidacy for reelection as State Representative, running unopposed.
        • Andrea Robertson spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 13.
        • Hillary Madsen spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 13. 
        • Doug North spoke about his candidacy for reelection as KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 30.
        • Carolyn Ladd spoke about her candidacy for KC Superior Court Judge Pos. 30.
        • Justice G Helen Whitener spoke about his candidacy for Supreme Court Justice, pos. 6.

      7:45pm – Endorsements (in the following order)

      Gina reviewed the process for endorsement and voting. 

      Ann Martin made a motion to endorse a slate of candidates. Jay Inslee, Pramila Jayapal, Gael Tarleton, Mike Pellicciotti, Bob Ferguson, Hilary Franz, Mike Kreidler, Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon. Motion was seconded by Chris Porter. Anne spoke in favor of her motion. 

      Donna Christianson made a motion to add state auditor Pat McCarthy to the slate. Art Chippendale seconded the motion. Jesse Greene spoke against Donna’s motion. Motion failed. Motion to amend the slate was suggested by Annie Phillips. The motion is to include on the slate only candidates who are incumbents and who are unopposed which would mean that only Joe Fitzgibbon and Eileen Cody would stay on the slate. Motion was seconded by Jesse Greene. Discussion for and against the motion was made. At 9:13 the group voted on the second amendment. This amendment failed. Next, the original slate was voted on and the slate passed with a 60% or more majority. 

      9:26pm ENDORSEMENTS

      • WA Governor – Jay Inslee via slate
      • U.S. Representative District 7 – Pramila Jayapal via slate
      • WA Lieutenant Governor – Gina opened nominations for Lt. Gov. Joe McDermott nominated Denny Heck. Marcee Stone-Vecich seconded. Joe Fitzgibbon nominated Marko Liias and Brianna Thomas seconded. Joe McDermott spoke for Denny Heck. Joe Fitzgibbon spoke for Senator Liias. Marko Liias was endorsed by a 60.1% vote. This vote will be audited. 
      • WA Treasurer – Mike Pellicciotti via slate
      • WA Secretary of State – Gael Tarleton via slate
      • WA Attorney General – Bob Ferguson via slate
      • WA Commissioner of Public Lands – Hilary Franz via slate
      • WA Auditor – Kyle Wolfer nominated Joshua Casey. Jeff Sbaih seconded the nomination. Chris Porter nominated Pat McCarthy and Donna Christianson Salcedo seconded. Kyle Wolfer spoke in favor of Joshua Casey. Chris Porter spoke on behalf of Pat McCarthy. After the vote, Pat McKarthy was endorsed with 62% of the vote. This vote will be audited.
      • WA Insurance Commissioner – Mike Kreidler via slate
      • WA Representative, District 34 Position 1 – Eileen Cody via slate
      • WA Representative, District 34 Position 2 – Joe Fitzgibbon via slate
      • Judicial Candidates 
        • Hilary Madsen was nominated for Pos. 13 by Leah Griffin, with Neal Traven seconded. Steve Butts nominated Andrea Robertson, with Nick Bonazza seconded. Leah Griffin spoke on behalf of Hilary Madsen. Andrea Robertson spoke on her own behalf. Hilary Madsen was endorsed at 73%.
        • Marcee Stone-Vekich nominated Judge North for pos. 30. Second was made by Chris Porter. Jeff Sbaih nominated Carolyn Ladd, seconded by James Williams. Members spoke for and against Judge North. Stone-Vekich spoke for Judge North. Leah Griffin spoke against Judge North. Jeff Sbaih spoke in favor of Carolyn Ladd. Carolyn Ladd was endorsed by a 72% vote. 
        • Chris Porter nominated Justice Helen Whitener for WA Supreme Court pos. 6.  Nomination was seconded by Ann Martin. Chris spoke on behalf of the candidate. Justice Whitener was endorsed by a unanimous vote. 
      • WA Superintendent of Public Instruction – Heather Barker nominated Chris Reykdal. Ann Martin seconded the nomination. Heather spoke on behalf of Reykdal. Endorsement was granted. 

      Leah Griffin requested to suspend the rules to consider an endorsement of referendum I-90. Moti Krauthamer spoke against the suspension of the rules. Leslie Harris spoke in favor of suspending the rules. Steve Butts spoke against. After the vote, we did not get to the required 80% to suspend the rules. Endorsement request was not considered but will be on the agenda for August.

      11:02 pm – The remaining attendees considered Resolution Whereby the 34th Legislative District Democrats Join Local Efforts to Support the Green New Deal at the Federal Level. Karen Richter made a motion to approve the resolution as submitted. Ann Martin seconded. Roxanne Thayer made a motion to add ‘state and’ to the content of the resolution. Danny Pinsker seconded. Thayer spoke in favor of the amendment. Marcee Stone-Vecich spoke against. Amendment was rejected by a majority. Karen Richter spoke in favor of the resolution. Resolution was approved. 

      11:17pm– Confirmation of Diversity and Inclusion Chair  Chris Porter made a motion to approve appointment of Jeff Sbaih as the Diversity and Inclusion Chair. Ann Seconded. Jeff was approved as the 34th LD Diversity and Inclusion Chair. 

      11:19pm – Adjourn