05-20-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Board Meeting Minutes = 5/20/20

      Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Ann Martin, Art Chippendale, Leah Griffin, DeLancey Lane, Max Brown, Ben Reilly, Dawn Rains, Nick Bonazza, Chris Porter, Jordan Crawley,  Jesse Greene

      7:00 Gina called the meeting to order and those attending gave personal high and low points from the last month. Quorum reached.

      We have sent our donations to the food banks. $352.50 each to 4 food banks.

      The Budget Report was shared by Ben Reilly. Total membership has increased to 208. We are in good financial shape for the year, even without the ability to hold our largest fundraiser.

      Committee Reports

      Caucus report will be filed via email by Rachel Glass, absent this evening.

      The State Committee report was provided by Chris Porter and Ann Martin. The diversity goal was not met with Delegate selection. The State Convention will be virtual and may have 2000 attendees! The Rules committee is developing rules. Many of the activities will be held ahead of time (from the convention) to handle certain tasks. No changes to the platform will be made from the floor. Amendments will be sent in prior to the platform discussion. Trying to work out plans to deal with people who don’t have stable wifi, have technology-phobia or have disabilities. Lastly, LDs are allowed to use Zoom/technology to hold meetings and take votes. Additional Q&A on the Delegate and Convention process was held. 

      Max Brown and Leah Griffin provided a King County Dems report. 

      The Outreach committee report was provided by Steve Butts. We have sent any refunds from events which have been cancelled to food banks as donations. We haven’t done a street clean up yet this year. 

      Art Chippendale provided updates from the Bylaws Committee. There is a committee meeting next week. They will review the state updates and see how they will impact our bylaws. We need to plan for how we will handle endorsements during a virtual meeting.. 

      PCO Committee – Nick shared that we had 115 PCOs filed last week. In 2021 we will have 105 elected PCOs! 25 have applied for unfilled PCO positions.   

      Communications Committee – Carla gave the communications committee updates. We have hired a freelancer to help us with some intense updates on our website. We continue to sell t-shirts. Messaging has mainly been around the Delegate selection process and PCO Filings. 

      Hospitality Committee – Jesse Greene reported that we have saved a lot of money this year on hospitality. 

      Membership and Finance Committee – Dawn Rains shared news that we have many more members than in February. A group will meet to create a “welcome package” for new members. Group will be led by Jesse and Chris, Art and Dawn  will meet on Monday to put together a plan. The state budget will see a $7b shortfall over the next 3 years. 15% cuts are predicted for the upcoming fiscal year.

      The Fundraising Committee Report was provided by Carla. Nothing new to report but we will start planning some small fundraisers in June.  She will hold a meeting and anyone can send in ideas. Swanky Cocktail Party is still available for this year. 

      We are looking for a chair for the Events and Diversity/Inclusion Committees

      Jordan Crawley provided a report from the Legislative Action Committee. Jordan is sitting on the WS Bridge Now group and has no current LAC activities.

      Steve noted that the June Newsletter deadline is May 29th. 

      Gina talked briefly about the June Program. We will hold a zoom meeting with virtual phone bank training led by the Coordinated Campaign. The group discussed different ideas for programs for the June meeting. We will have a contested LG race this year (3 candidates). Dawn agreed with splitting up the endorsements. Nick would like to split up the endorsements between June and July. Ann suggested that we use closed captioning for our zoom meetings. Ted suggested we do uncontested races in June. Gina asked for some help with running the next/future online meetings. 

      Gina shared the rest of the calendar of events/meetings and discussion was held. 

      Good of the Order

      • Today is Happy Bee Day! – Chris Porter

      9:08 Adjourn