03-18-20 Executive Board Meeting

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Executive Board Meeting Minutes – 3/18/20

      Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Ted Barker, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Jesse Greene, Jordan Crawley, Karen Richter, Dawn Rains, Chris Porter, Max Brown, Jacqui Morris

      7:05 Meeting was called to order.

      Gina called roll. 

      Caucus Committee report provided by Rachel. Rachel is in touch with WA State Dems. Update will be provided between April 1-3 as to how we will proceed to elect our delegates. There will be no in-person caucus but delegates will be chosen with a new system. We need to continue to encourage people to Register for Delegate if they are interested. 

      Financial Update was provided by Ben Reilly. Glen Morgan’s latest accusations have been responded to and fixed. There is a fundraising concern now due to the cancellation of the caucus where we would have raised a lot of funds. 

      April “Meeting” or “Program” – We need to determine what to do about the April meeting. Virtual meeting, program only virtual gathering or hold a meeting, amend bylaws for an in-person meeting > we have 4 options.  PCO appointment and resolutions are two items that were on the agenda for April. Ann moved to skip the April meeting altogether. Les seconded. Rachel spoke against cancelling. Majority voted in favor of cancelling the April meeting. 

      The Communications Committee report was given by Carla Rogers. We have received a few negative pieces of feedback on our social media posts and mailed letter. We will be cautious about what we communicate going forward. 

      State Committee report was provided by Ann and Chris.  An email has been sent to us outlining the new process. Rules for Delegate selection will be sent out between April 1-3.  April and May LD and Congressional caucuses are cancelled. State convention is the next meeting.

      King County Committee all planned activities are cancelled due to Coronavirus. Board members were elected. Platform committee has been convened but the convention may be cancelled. 

      Outreach Committee report was provided by Steve. Lots of events are being cancelled. Voter Registration training event was in the works but may be cancelled. We got into WS Summerfest!

      Fundraising Committee report was provided by Carla Rogers. Carla has taken on the role of managing the fundraiser in July. Most of the help needed will be for procurement of donations and experiences. Meeting to brainstorm will be in early May pending the virus status. The event will be held at TAF Bethaday Community Resource Center in White Center on July 25.  

      PCO Committee was provided by Nick. Great meeting of PCOs on February 22. Trainings have continued up until the Virus lock down. Canvassing was done prior to the Primary and we will start a no-data canvass effort in April-May and into the summer. Calls are also encouraged. PCO Filings are coming up. 

      Legislative Action Committee was provided by Jordan. Very successful session, albeit short. The final report is on the website. 

      Endorsement Process committee (Max, Ben, Jordan, Chris)  is meeting on this and we will hopefully have a proposal for the board to consider in May. 

      We have 3 Outstanding Resolutions to take to the membership. All are on the website.

      Good of the Order

      Restaurants are hit very hard. Please support local businesses during this lock down. 

      Maggie Awards moved to August 8. Update this on the calendar.

      The April board meeting will be virtual and via ZOOM.

      9:06 Adjourn