03-17-21 Virtual Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      March 17, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:00pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Bunny Hatcher, Chris Porter, Colleen Hinton, Dawn Rains, Gina Topp, Janine Anzalota, Jeff Sbaih, Jordan Crawley, Julie Whitaker, Nick Bonazza, Norman Sigler, Richard O’Neill, Sara Smith, Steven Butts, Trey Lykins

      • Welcome & Reminder of our social contract
      • Review/Approval of agenda and Minutes, Budget Actuals 
          • Agenda and Minutes were approved by the majority.
          • Julie Whitaker presented the budget report
          • March balance as of 3/17 is $26,178.80  
          • About $3,000 in income last month 
          • Retaining Andy Lo to maintain compliance, due to previous issues with lawsuits. 
      • Review of March Membership Meeting
        • Carla shared ideas for improvement, such as fewer agenda items to allow more discussion, and moving PCO Appointments and guest speakers to the beginning of the meeting so guest presenters may leave early if they wish. Resolutions will be pushed to the end of future agendas.
        • Board discussed options for sharing financial information while remaining confidential, the importance of maintaining orderly discussion, and punctuality with start and end times. 
        • Trey checked member email distribution and added some missing members.  He added including members emails in the onboarding process, so no one is missed. 
      • Committee Spotlight
          • Nick – Burien PCO Meeting & PCO Doorhanger – Nick Bonazza; PCOs requested a ‘getting to know you ‘ meeting, to discuss duties and getting comfortable with responsibilities. The Q1 doorhanger will have space for PCO contact info for when they go knock on doors, plus info on 34th District Dems, and a QR code linking to an issues survey. Also beginning to meet with 33rd LD PCOs in Burien, our neighbors.  
      • Jordan – Duwamish Tribe Meeting – wants to partner meaningfully with Duwamish and have begun conversation with tribal elders. Gina Topp mentioned bringing in Puyallup and Muckleshoot who also have treaty rights here. 
      • Carla shared Change Makes $ense (since Rachel is absent) which will be a year-long fundraiser to help support our fundraising goals.
      • April Meeting Program (Sexual Violence Awareness Month) – We have invited a major voice in this policy area for the April meeting. Program will start at 6:15! Theme will  weave in the equity theme.  
      • Voting Discussion (prep for Endorsements) 
        • Registration process will change. Current process is difficult to manage.  Will practice voting in April’s board meeting and May’s membership meeting. 
      • In-person Meeting
        • Will continue member Speak Up surveys to get input.
        • Locations – tasked Sara Smith to look around neighborhoods for new meeting venues. Looking for variety in our respective neighborhoods and will use The Hall at Fauntleroy for Holiday Party and Endorsement meeting.  
        • Holiday Celebration and Events.  Potential outdoor fundraiser in the fall.  Standard in-person fundraiser next year Feb/March. Timing of in-person events is still uncertain. 
        • Discussion regarding pros and cons of Zoom and various venues, and concerns about giving equal time to zoom and in-person attendees in the hybrid option.  
      • Resolution to Consider: Bunny Hatcher &  Janine Anzalota presented https://docs.google.com/document/d/19SReLoVPpBSYD1XqyXOoanyAjVuaPXP-jmSX49ay6RA/edit?usp=sharing
        • Gina Topp made a motion to amend the title to “Resolution Calling for the King County Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation  Task Force of the Executive Branch to Adopt a Gender Transition Policy for Employees”  and amend the document “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the 34th District Democrats support King County’s efforts to create gender identity and sexual orientation inclusion strategies and the creation of a gender transition policy for its employees by September 1, 2021”  Sara Smith seconded, verbal vote to approve, no opposition.  
        • Voting on Resolution – Norman Sigler motioned to recommend approval of the amended Resolution, inclusive of any changes desired by the Board. Richard O’Neill seconded. Verbal approval, no opposition. Will take to the body in the upcoming April or May meeting.   


      • KCDCC LD Support – Carrie Barnes at carriebarnes868@gmail.com will provide support and be a point of contact for questions.
      • Board to promote and share events 
      • Need volunteers for fundraisers and other projects (Dawn and Norman volunteered)
      • Newsletter stories needed by Mar 26.
      • Upcoming Resolution on Filibuster will be in Slack soon 

      8:53 – Adjourned by Chair Carla Rogers