02-19-2020 Executive Board Meeting

      150 150 34th Democrats

      2/19/20 Puget Ridge Common House

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Ben Reilly, Ted Barker, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Jesse Greene, Jordan Crawley, Karen Richter, Dawn Rains, Chris Porter

      7:05 Meeting was called to order.

      7:06  J Street U Presentation

      Representatives from J Street U (from UW) provided a short presentation about a resolution which they are requesting the 34th consider. Representative Pramila Jayapal has pledged support.. 

      • Ben moved and Anne seconded that we bring this to the membership with a recommendation to pass.
      • Les moved to amend the resolution to remove a statement from the final Therefore. Remove “each in their own viable state”. 
      • Art, Jordan, Nick and Ann spoke against the amendment.
      • The amendment did not pass. 
      • The vote on the original motion was held and passed unanimously. 
      • Jordan will create the overview and it will be presented at the March meeting.

      7:41 Committee Reports

      • Gina asked the members to spread unity in the party as we head into the coming months. Promote a positive message to friends and neighbors.
      • Treasurer’s Report was provided by Ben Reilly. All invoices need to be sent to Ben immediately after receiving them. Ben will confirm receipt. 
      • Communications – Carla Rogers provided a report covering the possible need for technical support on the website, the need to share on Facebook to promote the party and unite the party.  The Caucus mailer copy needs review and this will be shared on Slack. We must get the mailer to press by Monday in order to have them in mailboxes by March 4. Carla announced that new t-shirts will be sold at the March meeting. We are also looking to create buttons for sale.
      • State Committee report was provided by Ann Martin and Chris Porter.
      • King County – Leah’s report is in the newsletter.
      • Fundraising – DeLancey will not be able to handle the fundraiser due to her new work contract. We need a volunteer to pull off the event in July. 
      • Bylaws – Art provided a report on the work of the committee which is undertaking a full review of the bylaws. 
      • Code of Conduct – Chris shared the plan to glean more input on the Code of Conduct. We will submit a new version taking any comments into consideration for review and vote at the March meeting. 

      8:17 Events and Activities

      • Caucus – Rachel provided the Caucus report. There will be a full caucus committee meeting on February 27.  A second meeting will be held to plan the day of activities.
      • Legislative Action Committee – today was the final day to get bills out of committee. Jordan updates the Legislative Tracker daily. See it on our website homepage (google doc).
      • Outreach – Karen and Steve provided a recap of their first meeting of the year.  They have started to form their outreach calendar and will work with comms to get the events on the website. New people have joined the committee!  They also have a truck for use in parades.
      • PCO – Saturday is the PCO meeting at Kenyon Hall. Nick sent out the packets for the Primary doorbelling. Nick is working to build a bench with the PCO committee so that leadership carries forward. Nick has Chris Carter from the coordinated campaign speaking at the meeting along with Michael Fertakis who will speak about the  Fill Every Seat initiative. 
      • Fundraising – Gina mentioned again that DeLancey will be unable to coordinate the fundraiser this summer. Our first event is in July and it will be important to get started with coordination soon. 
      • Membership – Dawn shared that she has run the unrenewed members report and we will call all of them. 97 members have paid/renewed (not including PCOs). 
      • We need a new Diversity/Inclusion Chair since Sofia resigned.
      • The Endorsement Process sub-committee is meeting next week to begin forming a proposal. The goal is to bring something to the next meeting for discussion.

      8:53 March Program

      • Gina recapped the plan for the program in March. Julie will lead a program to share information about the election process and Caucus. 
      • The group discussed making early endorsements for Governor, Atty General, Representative and Public Lands. After discussion, we decided that we will not do early endorsements. 

      8:30-8:45 Misc Items

      • Immigration Resolution – Chris made a motion and Jesse seconded it to take the Immigration resolution Jordan and Ben wrote to the membership at the March meeting.. 
      • We are planning to send out a mailer to a list of 3000. Gina shared the draft of the letter and will accept any feedback by EOD Friday. 
      • Karen shared a movement to get the Green New Deal passed. Jayapal has signed on. Karen suggested that we write a resolution for consideration at our next meeting. Ann will share it and we will evaluate it  in Slack.
      • Magnuson Awards – Dow has donated 5 tickets to the dinner. 
      • Women’s March – March 8 – we will promote it as an event for the 34th LD. 
      • VIP/Judges – We have 50 judges up for reelection. They will be allowed to speak during good of the order and Gina will include some time at the beginning of the agenda as is possible.

      9:07 Good of the Order 

      Chris spoke about HB602. 

      Ann invited folks to attend the WSDW meeting. 

      9:17 Adjourn