02-10-21 Virtual Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Meeting held via Zoom due to COVID-19

      7:01 pm Call to Order by Chair, Carla Rogers 

      Opening Ceremonies 

      • Welcome
      • Land acknowledgment by 1st Vice Chair Rachel Glass 

      Meet the Candidates

      VIP Acknowledgements

      • Dow Constantine provided a Covid-19 Update – King county has been at the lead for a year.  About 50% of the eligible population in King County has received their first dose.  Working to increase equitable vaccine distribution, especially in under-represented communities where healthcare is scarcer and infection rates are higher, which are symptoms of systemic racism. Currently there is an overall low rate of infection in King County because people are observing scientific guidelines. New Covid variants are more infectious and more deadly.  Reserved 3000 childcare slots to help every member of the community to thrive. Discussed a Safe Communities initiative, including increasing behavioral health funding so folks with mental health issues have a place to go and police have a place to take them when they are having or causing trouble.  
      • Councilmember McDermott endorsed Dow Constantine, who is working toward public health including vaccinations and equitable distribution of vaccines.  
      • Chris Porter discussed shared information about the upcoming King Conservation District Supervisor election; more information coming in the next few weeks. 
      • Speak Up Survey Question (https://forms.gle/mF9epQ9sPijgpPFT7): members are invited to share how Systemic Racism has affected your life. 
      • Chair provided Technical Zoom Meeting Tips


      • Approval of Agenda – Bunny Hatcher motioned to accept, Ann Martin seconded, unanimous approval. 
      • Approval of January Minutes – Julie Whitaker motioned to accept, Earl Godt seconded, unanimous approval. 


      • Need technical support during Zoom meetings. 
      • Found a Membership & Hospitality Chair – Trey Lykins
      • Need Events & Fundraising Chair 
      • Next Board Meeting is a virtual Retreat on March 6.
      • Updated Standing Rules; open for commentary on the 34th Dems website; email comments to chair@34dems.org
      • King Conservation District Supervisor Election – March 23 deadline to vote. We will entertain Endorsements in the March 10 meeting.
      • 34th Dem T-Shirts available for purchase; bit.ly/ignitechangetshirt

      Theme and Program Introduction: Black History Month 

      Rachel Glass introduced “Reframing Issues of Equity” Speaker Series.  First Speaker is Sounjah Brantley, 34th Member and Board Vice President of Black Past (https://www.blackpast.org/), raising awareness and being educated about our black constituents.  This is a 6,000-page website “dedicated to providing a global audience with reliable and accurate information on the history of African America and of people of African ancestry around the world. We aim to promote greater understanding through this knowledge to generate constructive change in our society.”  The presentation deck from tonight’s meeting will be added to the 34th Democrats website. 

      Membership and Fundraising Drive

      • Rachel Glass presented 2021’s membership goal of 400 members, the membership goal of $25,000, and provided details of what membership dues and donations cover.  There are 173 members right now and 141 this time last year.  We are slightly under halfway to our $25,000 membership goal this year. 
      • Glenn Morgan makes money litigating against LDs.  To reduce risk to the 34th, a Deputy Treasurer is hired to handle compliance reporting. 
      • Contributions can be made here: https://34dems.org/contribute/
      • By end of meeting, 15 new membership renewals were reported.  T-shirt winners included Marco Mazzoni, Rocco DeVito, Joshua Wilmot, Ann Martin, Sarah Koch, Chris Porter, Carolyn Ladd, Shirley Carlson, Max Vekich, and Rob Earl.  

      Finance Report 

      February is being used to Audit the books and develop a 2021 Budget. March will be the next Treasurer’s Report and provide a new Budget for consideration. 

      Resolution for Consideration 

      Appointment of Board Members 

      • Bylaws & Rules – Ben Reilly
      • Caucus & Elections – Colleen Hinton
      • Communications – Carla Rogers
      • Equity & Social Justice – Jeff Sbaih
      • Platform & LAC – Jordan Crawley
      • Outreach Co-chairs – Karen Richter & Steve Butts
      • PCO – Nick Bonazza
      • Programs – Rachel Glass
      • Newsletter Editor – Steve Butts
      • Parliamentarian – Gina Topp
      • Young Dems Representative – Estey Chen

      Motion to accept by Janine Anzolata, seconded by Ann Martin and unanimously approved by verbal vote. 

      Appointment of PCO’s, presented by Chair Nick Bonazza


      • Hannah Cameron SEA 34-1456
      • Trey Lykins SEA 34-1454
      • Sheila Ghaibi SEA 34-3682
      • Jared Magid SEA 34-1529


      • Clara Sekowski BUR 34-0402
      • Estey Chen BUR 34-0489
      • Joshua Wilmot BUR 34-0381
      • Sarah Toce BUR 34-0699
      • Rocco DeVito BUR 34-1059

      Motion to appoint by Janine Anzolata, seconded by Sara Koch, and unanimously approved by voice vote. 

      Membership Policy Caucuses and Platform Survey

      Jordan Crawley led a discussion regarding amplifying our voice in policy making.   Members have input through a surveys, in addition to regular communication methods: 

      Platform Survey  https://forms.gle/nDjGgdurHj9QofDB9

      Platform is the priority right now as we are 1/3 of the way through the legislative year in Olympia. Still need leads in some of these Caucuses.  

      34th Membership Policy Caucuses

      • Environment, Energy & Land Use – Annie Phillips & Randy Litzenberger
      • Human Services & Education – Meg Van Wyk
      • Law, Justice & Civil Rights – Carolyn Ladd
      • Healthcare – Norman Sigler & Jen Nye
      • Housing, Community & Arts
      • Labor, Commerce & Gaming
      • Transportation & Utilities
      • Budget & Economic Development – Richard O’Neill
      • Voting & Elections – Jeanne Fellin 

      Good of the Order

      • Colleen Hinton, on behalf of the Burien People for Climate Action, invites all residents of Burien to help make sure Burien City Council focuses on climate change in everything they do.  Colleen encouraged having at least one person attend at every meeting and advocate the importance of focusing on climate change and the environment. Email Colleen or Annie Phillips to sign up. caucus@34dems.org or annie@soundviewcottage.com 

      Meeting adjourned at 8:44 by Carla Rogers.