01-20-21 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      January 20, 2021  – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:03pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

      Attendees: Nick Bonazza, Karen Richter, Rachel Glass, Jordan Crawley, Sara M. Smith, Leah Griffin, Dawn Rains, Bunny Hatcher, Jeff Sbaih, Ted Barker (guest), Steve Butts, Norman Sigler, Colleen Hinton, Julie Whitaker, Richard O’Neill, Gina Topp, Carla Rogers, Estey Chen

      Opening Activities: Carla opened by discussing the next two years’ social contract and the need to work well together.  

      First activity: An ice breaker designed to help members understand what makes each person feel valued.  

      NameRoleFeels Valued with:
      1. Nick BonazzaPCO Chairloves communication; respect
      2. Karen RichterCo-Chair Outreach Committeecoordination, challenge, Communicating with each other, Direct interface with our community
      3. Rachel Glass First Vice Chaircommunicating, human connections
      4. Jordan Crawley 2nd Vice Chair, Chair Platform & Legislative Action Cmte respect through understanding;
      culture of mutual respect
      5. Sara M. SmithSecretary humor, holding heavy issues with a light hand 
      6. Leah GriffinKCDCC Rep keep things moving
      7. Dawn RainsCoalitions Chairefficient & effective use of time
      8. Bunny HatcherKCDCC  Alternatepatience
      9. Jeff SbaihChair, Social Justice & Equity Cmte candid conversations, chocolate and peanut butter
      10. Ted BarkerGuest acceptance – big tentedness
      11. Steve ButtsOutreach Cochair, Newslettercross-pollination, history
      12. Norman SiglerKCDCC Committee Personexpectations; inclusive progressive community
      13. Colleen HintonCaucus & Election Chairopenness to new ideas, creating community, not be afraid to speak up
      14. Julie WhitakerTreasurerenhance understanding of behind-the-scenes Cmte work; wants to be acknowledged for what they contribute
      15. Richard O’Neill  
      16. Gina ToppParliamentarianstrong dialogue
      17. Carla Rogers Chairopen to new ideas
      18. Estey ChenYoung Dems Rep 

      Second Activity: “Where are you on the Democratic Spectrum” 

      All Democrats are welcome in the 34th District Democrats and we endeavor to treat each other well and provide a safe and welcoming environment.  This activity was designed to showcase the variability of views within the 34th Dems. 

      Board Representation 

      Jordan Crawley shared maps of previous and current board members residences, which showed representation has not been proportional from districts, and encouraged more representation from under-represented districts. Specifically, there is a current need for an additional board member from White Center and from Burien.  Link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MrDjOqyvuftoGHQe_zUvkjd31aLne_qSzSaEGpEy1-4/edit?ts=6008fbf9#slide=id.gb7104e9c1a_0_0 

      Administrative Reminders

      • New participants need to update their contact information on the online Google sheet, and send in headshots for the website
      • In-person meetings will likely not resume until fall or winter due to Covid-19  
      • Communication via slack
      • Using Google docs
      • Board Reports shifting to written report in advance of the meeting instead of verbal report during the meeting
      • EBoard Meetings will use the additional time as a working session
      • Stay on schedule, start and end on  time, and stick to agenda 
      • Upcoming retreat: March 6 (via closed Zoom meeting) 
      • Everyone needs to fill out the 34th membership form for tracking purposes
      • Everyone will receive the Membership Survey: Policy Priorities to help track priorities for Legislative action.

      Formal Business 

      • Proposed Standard Rules change 
      • Carla, Jordan and Rachel reviewed the rules document and advised of changes, especially regarding added budget process details. 
      • Leah Griffin motioned to pass, Rachel Glass seconded. Unanimously voted to approve new rules. 
      • Proposed leadership structure for board members and discussion.  
      • Norman Sigler suggested adding a Covid-19 resource page on the website to discuss community engagement, and current practice of Zoom meetings.  
      • Legislation Tracker – Jordan Crawley presented, and demonstrated use. 
      • 34th District Democrat Letters of Support discussion:  The 11th district has a way to ‘write a letter’ as a board to endorse, support, or promote something.  For example, they wrote a letter regarding the recent resignation of the Odessa Brown physician due to systemic racism. This can be a faster way to communicate that “The Board of the 34th supports “X”” as opposed to “The 34th supports X” because that can take months. More discussion at the Resolutions and Endorsements committee level.

      Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.