The 34th’s Rules of Endorsement

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      Endorsement RulesAre you a candidate who is seeking endorsement by the 34th District Democrats? First, thank you for your willingness to do public service. We know that running for office is a difficult hill to climb and we salute you for that intense effort.

      Being endorsed by the local party is a big achievement and means a lot to voters. We want you to understand what is takes to get that endorsement. Beginning in the winter, we allow candidates a ‘spotlight’ during our monthly meetings. This is a 3-5 minute introduction to the membership. You must contact the chair to get a spot on the agenda for the spotlight. Agendas are created at least 2 weeks ahead of our monthly 2nd Wednesday meetings. You will not be able to take part in the spotlight if you do not coordinate first with the chair.

      You must be a Democrat. You also must complete and submit the King County Democrats Questionnaire as we use this instead of requiring an additional questionnaire and/or interview.

      Our endorsement meeting is held the 2nd Wednesday in June and features a subset of races. The chair will communicate with candidates and campaign teams prior to the event to share all the details.

      Please review our endorsement rules so that you understand the process.

      Good luck!