February Meeting Agenda

      400 300 34th Democrats

      The February meeting of the 34th District Democrats will be our new chair’s first official meeting. Join us on Zoom for our first candidate spotlight of the cycle. Register today.


      6:30 Pre-Meeting Programming –
      Celebrating Black History Month. We will kickoff our membership meeting this month with a pre-meeting program* celebrating Black History Month.
      7:30 Call to Order
      • Approve Agenda
      • Approve Minutes
      • How to give input on virtual/in-person meeting cadence

      Opening Ceremonies
      • Land Acknowledgement
      • VIP Acknowledgements and Announcements
      • Candidate Spotlight – Judge Joe Campagna – KC Superior Court Pos. 39

      Membership Drive
      Appointment and Confirmation of Board Members
      PCO Appointments and GOTV
      Budget Committee and Development
      January Budget Report
      Preparing for Updates to Bylaws, Standing Rules, and
      Code of Conduct
      Good of the Order
      9:00 Adjournment

      *You can also help us develop and support future monthly programs. If you’re interested in getting
      involved, please contact 1st Vice Chair, Rachel Glass, at vicechair1@34dems.org.