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      400 300 34th Democrats

      In this day and age of too many emails and not enough in-person conversation, the 34th Dems have hadSlack great success using slack. Slack is a communications tool which you can use on your computer, your phone or both. You can engage with it on your terms. It is free to join. Inside slack you can have 1:1 conversations with 34th leadership, board members and any member. You can also join any open ‘channel’ you would like to be a part of. We have general channels about political topics, banter (non-political topics), committee channels, caucus channels and more. There are over 100 members involved in our Slack community. Join today to start a conversation! 

      Join in just a few quick steps:

      1. Click HERE to join the 34th Dems slack
      2. Be sure you remember the email you used to join and your password.
      3. Once you have joined, you are by default automatically joined to the “all 34th – banter” and “all-34th – business” channels.
      4. Locate the MORE menu on the left side panel. (See below image) Click the more menu.
      5. In the menu, click Channel Browser.
      6. When you open the Channel Browser, you will see a list of all the current channels. Some channels have a lock to new members – these are board business channels.
      7. Select the channels you want to join.
      8. Start a conversation!

      Note that the ‘all-34th-business channel’ is for democratic party, 34th or other party announcements and topics. The ‘all-34th-banter’ can be used to share article of interest to those in the party or other community topics. It is also used for campaign events/activities for our endorsed candidates.

      The steps above are based on desktop/laptop. Phone steps are slightly different. The main difference is that you find the Channel Browser by clicking the + sign beside the Channels header in the app. From there it is generally the same.