Meeting Minutes

    Miss a meeting? Review the actions of the group in our meeting minutes

    The general membership meetings of the 34th Democrats are held each month on the second Wednesday. The Executive Board and committee chairs meet on the third Wednesday of each month. Board Meetings are open to members as well. Check the calendar for details.

    Board Meeting Minutes

    The Board at times votes in Slack. Please see this page for minutes from those votes.

    2021-04-21 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    03-17-21 Board Meeting Minutes

    03-06-21 Board Retreat Minutes

    01-20-21 Exec Board Meeting Minutes

    General Meeting Minutes

    05-12-2021 General Membership Meeting Minutes

    04-14-2021 34th Dems Membership Meeting

    03-10-21 Virtual Membership Meeting Minutes

    02-10-21 Virtual Membership Meeting Minutes

    01-13-21 Virtual Membership Meeting Minutes


    View the ARCHIVE of prior year Meeting Minutes.

    If you have questions or concerns about the minutes, please feel free to contact the Secretary, Sara M. Smith.