10-20-2021 Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th Dems Board Meeting Minutes

      October 20, 2021 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      6:30 pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Sara Smith, Sarah Koch, Rachel Glass, Bunny Hatcher, Colleen Hinton, Dawn Rains, Gina Topp, Julie Whitaker, Karen Richter, Norman Sigler, Steven Butts, Aaron Garcia, Chris Porter, Leah Griffin

      Welcome & Reminder of our social contract

      Review of Agenda and Minutes 

      • September minutes approved by verbal affirmation 
      • Agenda for tonight approved by verbal affirmation

      Announcements & Upcoming Dates 

      • Year One Reflection Interview Reminder to meet with the Chair
      • Open Board Positions:
      • 2nd Vice Chair
      • LAC Chair
      • Endorsements Chair
      • Proposal to take board meetings back to 7-8:30pm.  Approved by verbal affirmation. 
      • Award committee could use a board member to be involved. 
      • October meeting reflections 
        • Feedback on speakers, both engaging, also had some input for improvement
        • Some platform discussion regarding Tribal representation, and a couple of board members volunteered to look into ways to increase it.  Karen Richter and Bunny Hatcher will pursue it. 
      • November meeting Townhall planning Fitzgibbon and Eileen Cody likely attending, plus an environmental policy presentation from a local teacher 
      • Website issue for the 34th and may need assistance
      • Burien canvassing this last weekend covered 3 precincts! 

      End of Year Celebration and Decision

      • Typically, been held at the Hall of Fauntleroy, potluck with 34th providing main course and beverages, ~$1,500
      • Discussions around Holiday giving, pros and cons of having in-person versus virtual events. There was a suggestion regarding a service event and holiday gift. 
      • Leah Griffin moved and Chris Porter seconded: postpone celebratory gathering to the Spring, and in the meantime pursue a community service project. Verbal approval, no opposition.  


          • Chris Porter spoke regarding the resolution and recent action 
          • Bunny Hatcher spoke regarding the resolution and highlighted various sections
          • Discussion regarding whom/where to send the resolution if it is approved; sending to Biden administration plus Secretary of Interior and Secretary of Energy, and State Representatives and Senators   
          • Bunny Hatcher moved and Chris Porter seconded sending to the membership with a ‘do pass’ recommendation.  Verbal approval, no opposition. 
        • Rachel Glass spoke regarding the resolution and recent conversations she has heard and suggested that we have Martin speak to the membership.
        • Karen Richter moved and Bunny Hatcher seconded NOT to move this forward to the membership. 
        • Verbal approval, majority passed. 


      • Thank you to everyone providing lots of representation in redistricting meetings 
      • The new maps will cause major issues, regardless of what happens with the new maps, we will experience disruption and upheaval, so be planning for changes. 

      Final GOTV Plan (Burien and non-Burien) 

      • Good turnout last week and please continue to GOTV! 

      Good of the Order

      8:18 Adjourned by Carla Rogers, Chair