06-09-21 General Membership Meeting Minutes (2021 Endorsements)

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th Dems General Meeting Minutes
      June 9, 2021

      Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM


      6:32 pm – Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair 

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Land & People Acknowledgement – First Vice Chair Rachel Glass 
      • Jake Garcia spoke on behalf of the Best Start for Kids Levy: Investment in Child Care Subsidy and Workers Living Wage
      • Speak Up Survey Question: Speak Up Survey – http://bit.ly/June2021SpeakUpSurvey 
      • Chair Rogers provided Zoom Tips 

      Approval of Tonight’s Agenda

      • Voted to approve the agenda, Zoom approval vote, no opposition. 

      Approval of May Minutes

      • Voted to approve the minutes, Zoom approval vote, no opposition. 

      Budget Report

      • Treasurer Julie Whitaker provided a  report on the budget and this month finances.  This month had a large increase due to Membership and Change Makes $ense, with a month end balance over $40k.   

      Membership Report

      • Memberships are now at 548!! 

      So Now That You’re a Member

      • Chair Rogers provided a plea for all new members who joined to do the endorsement to engage and stay involved with the organization. 
      • Rachel Glass presented on Programming for the 34th and the benefits it provides
      • Jordan Crawley presented on Policy Caucuses and how they help forward 34th goals
      • Jeff Sbaih presented on the  Social Justice & Equity committee, a key focus of 34th Dems
      • Dawn Rains presented on the 34th Committees and organization 

      Endorsement Process Explanation and Voting Reminders

      • 34th Member by deadlines (May 12, new members and June 8, renewing members)
      • Reside in the district
      • We have validated our member list and our tally team will be using that to validate all the votes this evening
      • Alternative Voting Method, only for those having issues with the Zoom tool, or those with multiple eligible voters and only one device: text votes to 206-200-6526 (include email address and name with vote)
      • Chair Rogers reminded attendees about our cultural rules of order and to make this a good night. 


      • 34th Board Block Vote
        Only include candidates with no democrat challenger or are running unopposed. 
        • Best Starts for Kids Levy
        • Superior Court Judge – Andrea Robertson
        • Hugo Garcia – Burien City Council position 1
        • Krystal Marx – Burien City Council position 7
          • Krystal Marx was removed from the block vote due to member request.  
        • Amended slate passed unanimously. 
      • Burien City Council Position #3 
        • Dow Constantine endorsed Jimmy Matta and spoke for his endorsement. Jesse Scott-Kandall seconded. 
        • Grace Stiller endorsed Charles Schafer; Krystal Marx seconded.  Grace Stiller spoke briefly in support and then yielded her time to Charles Schafer. Charles spoke for his endorsement. 
        • Jimmy Matta received the endorsement vote. See Tally Report for results.
      • Resolution to Consider “Resolution urging Governor Inslee to Sign “EQUITY NOW!” Executive Order”
        • Chris Porter briefed the resolution and moved to endorse. Ann Martin seconded. 
        • Zoom vote achieved over 60% in support, therefore it passed. 
        • Chair Rogers will forward the resolution to the Governor’s office.
      • Burien City Council Position #5  
          • Krystal Marx endorsed Sarah Moore; Annie Phillips seconded. Krystal Marx ceded her time to Sarah Moore, who spoke for her endorsement. 
          • Elmer Reyes Hernandez nominated Georgette Reyes; Nancy Tosta seconded. Elmer ceded his time to Georgette, who spoke for her endorsement.  Nancy Kick spoke in opposition to her endorsement. Nancy Tosta spoke in support of her endorsement. Ivan Weiss spoke in opposition of her endorsement.
          • Sarah Moore received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
        • Burien City Council Position #7 
          • Jeff Sbaih nominated and Chris Weiss seconded Krystal Marx. Jeff Sbaih ceded his time to Krystal Marx who spoke to her endorsement.   No members rose to speak against the nomination.
          • Krystal Marx received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.


      • City Attorney 
        • Lisa Herbold endorsed Pete Holmes. Phillip Tavel seconded. Lisa Herbold spoke briefly in support of Pete’s endorsement, and ceded the rest of her time to Pete.  Pete Holmes spoke to his endorsement. 
        • Leah Griffin endorsed Nicole Thomas-Kennedy. David Toledo seconded. Leah Griffin ceded her time to Nicole, who spoke in favor of her endorsement. 
        • Pete Holmes received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
      • King County Council District 5   
        • Dawn Rains moved to endorse Dr. Shukri Olow, Krystal Marx seconded. Dawn ceded her time to Dr. Olow, who spoke in favor of her endorsement. 
        • EJ Juarez endorsed Dave Upthegrove. Sofia Aragon seconded. EJ Juarez spoke in favor of Upthegrove’s endorsement. 
        • First and second ballots did not reach the required 60% for endorsement. 
        • Julie Whitaker moved for dual endorsement. Les Treall seconded.  Julie spoke for dual endorsement.
        • Dual endorsement passed. See Tally Report for results. 
      • Seattle City Council Pos. 8 
        • Joe Fitzgibbon endorsed and spoke for Teresa Mosquda’s endorsement.  Katie Garrow seconded. 
        • David Toledo endorsed Kate Martin. James Williams seconded. David Toledo spoke briefly in favor of Kate and ceded the rest of his time to Kate. 
        • Joe Fitzgibbon spoke in favor of Teresa Mosqueda’s endorsement. 
        • Teresa Mosqueda received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
      • Seattle City Council Pos. 9 
        • Chris Porter nominated and spoke in favor of Brianna Thomas; Max Brown seconded.  
        • Jordan Crawley nominated and spoke in favor of Sarah Nelson. Kathy Minsch seconded. Elena Perez spoke against the nomination of Sara Nelson.  Kathy Minsch spoke in favor of Sara Nelson, and ceded the rest of her time to Sara, who also spoke in favor of her nomination. 
        • Brianna Thomas received the endorsement vote  See Tally Report for results.
      • Mayor 
        • Lisa Herbold endorsed Lorena Gonzalez and Christopher Lampkin seconded.
        • Chris Weiss endorsed Bruce Harrell, James Williams seconded. Chris Weiss ceded his time to Bruce Harrell. Bruce Harrell spoke for his nomination. James Williams spoke for his endorsement. 
        • Michele Frix endorsed Colleen Echohawk, Catherine Richards seconded. Michelle Frix spoke briefly in favor of Colleen Echohawk and then ceded her time; Colleen spoke on behalf of her endorsement. 
        • Michael Epton endorsed and spoke in favor of Jessen Farrell, Ann Martin seconded. No member spoke in opposition. 
        • David Toledo nominated and spoke in favor of Lance Randall, Phillip Tavel seconded and spoke in favor. No member spoke in opposition. 
        • Tai Yan nominated Andrew Grant Houston, Jack Eby seconded. Tai Yan ceded her time to Andrew Grant Houston, who spoke in favor of his nomination. No member spoke in opposition. 
        • The first ballot’s top 2 candidates (Lorena Gonzales and Bruce Harrell) moved to the second ballot, where neither candidate received 60% of the vote. 
        • Tia Hallberg motioned for dual endorsement and James Williams seconded. Christopher Lampkin spoke in opposition to a dual endorsement. James Williams spoke in favor of a dual endorsement. Paul Fischburg spoke against dual endorsement.   
        • Third and final ballot had voting split between dual endorsement and no endorsement. 
        • The 34th will have no endorsement in the Mayor’s race for the Primary. See Tally Report for results.
      • King County Executive 
        • Jeff Sbaih nominated Senator Joe Nguyen and Janine Anzalota seconded, James Williams also seconded. Jeff Sbaih ceded his time to Joe Nguyen who spoke for his nomination. Grace Stiller spoke against it. Janine Anzalota spoke in favor of Joe Nguyen and Chris Porter spoke against. 
        • Jimmy Matta nominated Dow Constantine.  Joe Fitzgibbon seconded. Jimmy Matta ceded his time to Dow Constantine, who spoke in favor of his nomination. Jessie Boucher spoke in opposition to Dow’s nomination. Joe Fitzgibbon spoke in favor of Dow’s nomination. Marlene Allbright spoke in opposition of Dow’s nomination.  
        • Dow Constantine received the endorsement vote See Tally Report for results.
      • Port of Seattle Commissioner 1
      • Port of Seattle Commissioner 3
      • Port of Seattle Commissioner 4

      Roxanne Thayer motioned and James Williams seconded to defer Port of Seattle commissioners to July.  The body voted to approve deferral.  

      Adjourned at 11:20 by Carla Rogers, Chair.