01/13/21 Biannual Reorganization/Membership Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      January 13, 2021  – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:03pm – Call to Order by Temporary Chair Scott Forbes

      Opening Ceremonies

      • Scott Forbes shared the land acknowledgement and thanked the group for their hard work this past year. 
      • Gina Topp shared code of conduct, and making the meetings efficient, safe, and open for all 
      • Zoom logistics – Carla provided points for using mute, raise hand, and vote mechanisms. 

      Appointing Temporary Officers

      Scott Forbes, First Vice Chair of the King County Democrats, appointed the following temporary officers: 

      1. Ben Johnson –  Sergeant at Arms
      2. Gina Topp –  Chair 
      3. Sara Smith – Secretary 
      4. Tally committee – Jordan Crawley, Dawn Rains and Leah Griffin 

      Agenda and Meeting Rules

      1. Moved, seconded, and approved. 
      2. Jordan Crawley listed the open nomination positions, tally committee, and reviewed the rules of nominations and voting. 

      Nominations and Voting 

      Art Chippendale raised a question whether only dues-paying members can be nominated. 

      Gina Topp clarified that membership does not require dues and any member can be nominated. 

      • Chair: Jeff Sbaih nominated Carla Rogers as Chair. Attendees voted and approved.  Gina Topp transferred the gavel to Carla Rogers in a brief ceremony. 
      • First Vice Chair:  Bunny Hatcher nominated Rachel Glass. Attendees voted and approved.  
      • Second Vice Chair: Chris Porter nominated and endorsed Jordan Crawley. Attendees voted and approved.  
      • State committee representatives: Ann Martin nominated Janine Anzolota and  Jordan Crawley nominated Chris Porter. Unanimous votes to approve.
      • King county democrat central committee: Rachel Glass nominated Norman Sigler, Bunny Hatcher nominated Leah Griffin, and Nick Bonazza nominated Richard O’Neil. Attendees voted and  Jordan announced winners Leah Griffin 100% Normal Sigler 74% of the vote. 
      • King County Alternates: Rachel Glass and Julie Whitaker nominated Bunny Hatcher. Norman Sigler nominated Richard O’Neill. Unanimous vote for both candidates. 
      • Treasurer: Ann Martin nominated Julie Whitaker. Unanimous vote to affirm.
      • Secretary: Colleen Hinton nominated Sara M. Smith. Unanimous vote to affirm.

      Upcoming Events and Notes: 

      Carla Rogers adjourned the meeting at 8:39 pm.