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      We received this amazingly helpful and thorough information from Burien City CouncilmemberAfghan Support Sofia Aragon.

      If you would like to sign up to support the Afghan Refugee response in Washington, please fill out the form. By completing this form, you will receive an email roughly once per week that provides resources, action alerts, and other ways to take action. You will also be contacted by our team of volunteers to follow up on specific ways you indicated that you would be able to contribute (but please be patient with us as our team works through hundreds of responses!).

      The info is categorized as follows:

      1. Afghan Refugee Support
      2. Attendance/Events
      3. Advocacy/Action
      4. Afghan Support
      5. Additional Resources
      6. Additional Action

      To see this email in document form, go here.  If at any point you wish to remove yourself from this list, please just let us know.  Please also continue sharing the Google form to have others sign up as well:  www.tinyurl.com/WAHelpAfghans.  Thank you!


      If you identified specific ways you can contribute to support the incoming refugees on our Google form, our team of volunteers led by MAPS-MCRC (Muslim Community Resource Center) will be following up with you.  Please be patient, as we’ve had hundreds of people sign up and it will take a bit of time to get through all the responses.

      If you are looking for additional ways to help, here are some options [please note:  the situation is changing quickly so not all links/options may be available when you click on them]:

      Most importantly, please donate generously to the Emergency Afghan Refugee Fund for WA State just launched by MAPS-MCRC (Muslim Community Resource Center) and partner organizations (including Afghan Health Initiative, SCM Medical Missions, Kits For Peace, and more):  www.launchgood.com/WAafghanFund

      o   Afghan Health Initiative Campaign:  www.afghanhealth.org/donate

      o   SCM Medical Missions Refugee Resettlement Campaign:  https://www.scmmedicalmissions.org/resettlement/

      o   Kits For Peace Afghan Refugee Support Fund:  https://www.scmmedicalmissions.org/resettlement/

      o   Welcome WA Fund by IRC:  https://www.facebook.com/donate/1499796960360335/ 

      o   World Relief Campaign:  https://worldrelief.org/seattle/get-involved/afghan-allies/#give

      o   LIRS Neighbors in Need, Afghan Allies Fund Campaign:  https://secure2.convio.net/lirs/site/Donation2?df_id=4079&4079.donation=form1&mfc_pref=T/&link_id=1&can_id=a70bc5662ad828ff6bfbb0a7b35cf461&source=email-action-alert-84&email_referrer=email_1265599&email_subject=action-alert


      Please participate in the following upcoming events:

      • Save the Date!  Sept. 15, 6pm, Town Hall on the Crisis in Afghanistan:  What, Why and What you Can Do.  More info to come.

      Please sign any/all of the petitions below.

      We are also working with elected officials on additional action that the state along with counties and cities can take to support the people of Afghanistan and the incoming Afghan refugees.  For now, here are four additional ways state and local leaders can help:   https://bit.ly/TemplateStateLocalLtr.


      For Afghan-Americans and/or those seeking to evacuate their family and loved ones in Afghanistan, below are some resources.

      We understand how difficult, devastating, chaotic and uncertain the situation is right now — options are also extremely limited for leaving Afghanistan, and the window for evacuation is quickly closing.  We hope and pray that you and your family remain safe and well during this time of crisis.  If you or your loved ones in WA state need emotional/mental support during this time, you can schedule Emotional Wellness time with Sheikh Yasir Fargas through MAPS-MCRC’s free community clinic:   https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/MAPSMCRCHealthClinic@mapsredmond.org/bookings/

      We are also working on other ways to provide support to the local Afghan-American community during this time of crisis, and will keep you posted.

      • Listen to, learn from, and uplift the voices of Afghan-Americans.  Here are a couple articles with perspectives from Afghan-Americans:

      o   Imagine all your freedoms taken away overnight. That’s what Afghans are facing, https://www-sandiegouniontribune-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/commentary/story/2021-08-20/opinion-farhat-popal-afghanistan

      o   America Has Never Listened to the People of Afghanistan, https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/08/afghan-voices-warning-refugees-asylum.html

      • Avoid the conflation of the Taliban’s brutal behavior with Islam.  Read this article for clarification:  Is the Taliban’s treatment of women really inspired by Sharia?, https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/8/22/is-the-talibans-treatment-of-women-really-inspired-by-sharia
      • Pray for peace and stability in Afghanistan, and strength, safety, and well-being for the Afghan people
      • We are also working on having places of worship donate storage space at their buildings to help store goods and resources for incoming Afghan refugees.  Please stay tuned for more info.

      May we see peace, safety, comfort and joy prevail for the people of Afghanistan, and may our collective efforts help welcome our newly arriving Afghan brothers and sisters with open arms, and truly set Washington state up as a model for the nation.

      Post expires at 4:12pm on Monday October 4th, 2021