Weekly Actions – Week 19

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      Urgent Actions

      General Actions

      General Information
      Vashon-Activism (get local – join a team)
      • Want a Democratic controlled Wa State Senate?  Willing to lend some time to make it happen?
        • Help elect Manka Dhingra and take back the Wa State Senate for Democrats in 2017.   Help with canvassing in the 45th district (Redmond area).
        • When: Saturdays and Sundays
        • Time: 10 am and 1 pm
        • Location: 8151 164th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052 (signs posted in front – we share the building with a Japanese language school)
        • Schedule:
          • 20 minute training on campaign messaging and canvassing techniques
          • 10 minute Q+A period
          • 2 – 2.5 hour canvassing period (subject to group availability)
        • More info – contact:  
          • Lainie Ferguson, Field Organizer – Friends of Manka
          • 360-431-9355
          • lainie@electmanka.com


      • Write – Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, for signing the Carbon Free PSE letter to Kimberly Harris:
        • Script:  Thank you for supporting a Carbon Free Puget Sound Energy!  We appreciate you signing the Sierra Club letter to PSE CEO Kimberly Harris.
        • Write:  Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, JLOB 305, PO Box 40600, Olympia, WA, 98504-0600

      Election Actions

      Electoral College Repeal
      • No actions this week
      Instant Runoff  Voting
      • No actions this week
      Return US House and Senate to Democratic Control

      Climate & Environment Actions

      The Environment
      • No actions this week
      Climate Change
      • Petition – US Governors – Commit to Paris Agreement Climate Actions:
        • http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/830/573/282/
        • Add a comment:  Let’s not turn our backs on a global industry, supplying renewable power and the associated electrical distribution grid to the 195 nations that have signed the Paris Agreement.  These are clean jobs that will also help preserve our environment.  Honoring the provisions of the Paris Agreement is a smart business decision, and one that will put the US in a global leadership position in this industry.  Otherwise, we cede the ground to China.  That is not good.
      • Petition – Minnesota Department of Commerce – do not support the Enbridge 3 Line Canada Tar Sands pipeline through the state:
      • Petition – One more Stop Financing Pipelines petition:

      Civil Rights Actions

      Anti-Hate Actions
      • No actions this week
      Criminal Justice Reform
      • No actions this week
      • No actions this week
      Preserving Democracy & Justice
      • No actions this week
      Racial Justice & Black Lives Matter
      • No actions this week
      Women’s Rights
      • No actions this week
      LGBTQ Rights
      • No actions this week

      Healthcare Actions

      Financial Actions

      Economy/Income Inequality
      Get Big Money Out of Politics

      Gun Safety Actions

      • No actions this week

      Education Actions

      • No actions this week

      Foreign Policy/Defense Actions

      • No actions this week

      Miscellaneous Actions

      • No actions this week

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      Contact Elected Officials

      Find your elected officials here!

      Regarding petitions:  To amplify your voice on any petition, contact by phone or email the person the petition is intended for.  Phone calls have more impact than emails.