Resolution Regarding Child Separation

      Resolution Regarding Child Separation

      800 800 34th Democrats

      Whereas the Trump administration has, since at least March 2017, enacted a cruel, inhumane policy of separating the children of immigrant families from their parents, and

      Whereas the United States of America was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that we interpret “men” to mean human persons, and that all people are endowed with certain unalienable rights; and

      Whereas the Constitution guarantees the right of due process under the law, and prohibits discrimination on the basis of national origin or ethnic identity; and

      Whereas the Trump administration’s originally stated justification for separating families was that doing so was required by existing US Law, but that explanation has been proven to be unequivocally false; and

      Whereas the administration’s actual goal in separating families from their children was meant as a deterrent to keep immigrants away from our borders by purposefully kidnapping and mistreating their children; and

      Whereas the administration claimed to have ended the policy of child separation in 2018, but in fact lied about ending the policy, and has continued to detain children and separate them from their families without justification; and

      Whereas the administration has repeatedly and consistently failed not only to return immigrant children to their families, but also to identify which children belong to which parents; and

      Whereas the administration has, with no plausible justification, deported parents without first reuniting them with or identifying their children; and

      Whereas the administration has utterly failed to provide adequate care or supervision for the children that have been taken into custody; and

      Whereas the impact of this policy has been proven to be wildly ineffective, incredibly destructive and harmful to the children who have been separated from their families;


      1. Denounce and oppose the separation of immigrant children from their parents, except in some circumstances when the parents are charged with an actual criminal felony; and
      2. Demand the immediate end to child separation policies at our borders, as well as the reunification of all children with their parents that have been separated; and
      3. That all of our federal and state elected officials immediately demand action and pass legislation to end the administration’s child separation policy, censure the administration for its gross miscarriage of the public’s trust, and ensures reunification of separated families; and
      4. That all elected officials and candidates for office voice solidarity with us in these convictions; and
      5. That all elected officials and candidates for office present plans to end this policy permanently and prevent its reenactment in the future.