Redlining in Seattle – Mapping Inequality

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      RedliningUbax Gardheere will present a program “Redlining in Seattle – Mapping Inequality” to help members of the 34th Dems and the community at large learn the history behind this topic. For most of its history Seattle was a segregated city, as committed to white supremacy as any location in America. People of color were excluded from most jobs, most neighborhoods and schools, and many stores, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial establishments, even hospitals. As in other western states, the system of severe racial discrimination in Seattle targeted not just African Americans but also Native Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, people of Mexican ancestry, and also, at times, Jews.

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      Ubax is the Equitable Development Initiative  Division Director in the City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development. She currently oversees the EDI fund the City is investing in community-based organizations working in Seattle on anti-displacement strategies and economic development opportunities. Ubax’s core values are rooted in Social Justice and transformative practice. she prioritizes working towards equity, authentically listening to community and she has extensive experience in community development and building an inclusive vision with many of Seattle’s communities of color. She was a member of the Housing Affordability Livability Agenda Committee. Ubax previously was a Program Director at Puget Sound Sage. She was responsible for advancing Sage’s priorities related to equitable transit-oriented development, she focused on land use policy, affordable housing policy, transit-oriented development, community based participatory planning, leadership development and importance of racial justice in policy making. Ubax serves as a Governance Group Member for Communities of Opportunity, a multi-million dollar, cross-sector initiative aimed at creating systems change across King County to address equitable health, housing and economic opportunity and serves on Serves on Seattle Foundation’s Covid response and recovery  fund Advisory Board. She serves on the board of Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) a partnership of the County and East King County Cities who have joined together to assist with preserving and increasing the supply of housing for low– and moderate-income households in the region. Ubax is a proud single parent to three very energetic kids who keep her on her toes. She is also a candidate for King County Council District 9.

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