Proposed Amendment for Rules Section 3.11

      400 300 34th Democrats

      The Bylaws & Rules Committee has proposed an amendment to the Rules of the Board which would allow for the organization of Policy Caucuses within the 34th Dems. These Caucuses would be made up of voting members and focus on policy research and advocacy related to the values and goals of our organization. A Google Form has been created for member comments; all comments must be submitted by November 4 at midnight.

      The proposed amendment would include language within the description of the Legislative Action, Platform & Resolutions Committee adding the responsibility of the Committee to organize “Policy Caucuses” for the purpose of conducting policy research and development in supplement to the work of the Committee.

      Section 3.11 with Amendment:

      3.11 The Legislative Action, Platform & Resolutions Committee researches and informs the Membership and the people of the 34th Legislative District regarding proposed legislation placed before any legislative body having jurisdiction within the District. The committee chair shall be a member of the KCDCC Legislative Action Committee and shall report back to this committee and the Membership following KCDCC LAC monthly meetings. This committee shall prepare a draft Platform for consideration and ratification by the membership, and for consideration and adoption at the Legislative District Caucus. The proposed Platform shall be published in the newsletter and posted on the website for at least 30 days prior to Legislative District Caucus. Approval of the Platform requires a majority vote of the seated delegates present at the Legislative District Caucus. The Legislative Action Committee shall also organize Caucuses focused on policies relating to the values and priorities of the 34th Legislative District Democrats. These Caucuses shall be made up of members of the 34th Legislative District Democrats and be tasked with performing policy research and development to supplement the work of the Legislative Action Committee.”

      Post expires at 11:59pm on Wednesday November 4th, 2020