October 2018 Meeting Minutes

      October 2018 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      October 10, 2018

      At the Hall at Fauntleroy

      7:00 Call To Order from Chair David Ginsberg

      7:01 Flag Salute

      7:02 Minutes approved

      7:03 Agenda amended, Dues Committee report added.

      7:04 Agenda adopted

      7:04 Chairs Report – 28 Days until the Election! This is our chance to put a check on this president. Let’s Get Out The Vote! Because when The People turn out, DEMS WIN! Face to face contact is best, but if you can’t do that, Call!

      7:06 Walk Lists distributed. Please use Minivan!

      7:08 Christy Hader from the Yes on 1631 asked the membership to help knock on doors to support clean energy!

      7:15 Dues Committee recommendations:

      Expenses have grown since the last dues change. The cost per member is over $100 a year now. Dow and generous members of the Board have helped to keep us solvent, but this is clearly not sustainable.

      The following is proposed:

      Moving to paying dues monthly and optimally online.

      $15 – Sustaining Membership

      $34 – Friend of the 34th

      $50 – Benefactor

      $100 – Hero

      This new structure would start in January. Dues are NOT mandatory. No one will ever be denied

      Membership due to their financial situation. Much spirited discussion. Membership advised that they would have the opportunity to vote on it at the next meeting.

      8:00 New Business – Campaign contributions considered

      $500 to I-1631, Remaining $500 to be distributed equally to the 3 remaining endorsed Initiatives.

      8:20 A Remembrance of Jackie Dupras. Ivan Weiss, Michael Taylor-Judd, Steve Butts, Ann Martin, Joe McDermott and Martha Koester all shared moving, heartfelt memories of Jackie. Her husband Ed also addressed the membership.

      8:40 Good of the Order –

      SW Lutheran Family Services is having their gala on October 27th. Ann Martin has purchased a table and extended an invitation to join her.

      The White Center Food Bank Gala will be on October 20th.

      Mona Das and Debra Entenman will be at the West Seattle Democratic Women’s meeting on October 25th at noon.

      8:45 – Adjourned.