May 2018 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Chair David Ginsberg

      Chair’s Report: Bailey Stober registered to run, then withdrew his candidacy.

      Treasurer’s Report: Gina gave an update on the Morgan situation.

      Budget: No notable expenses. $11,500 in member dues. Trending higher than expected. A separate account will be set up to set aside funds for the caucus. Amended budget MSP. Re:  Morgan – Motion to Dismiss and Declaration of Counsel. MSP.

      Committee Reports:


      Events – Garden Party will be Thursday July 19th. Cost for the facility $100 per hour less discount.

      Procurement of Auction items to begin. Theme is TBD.

      Outreach – Karen and Steve report that 4 voters were registered at the Cambodian Festival.

      1 homeless person was registered, there was a discussion of how that can be handled in the future. Discussion of whether we can/should be collecting voter information.

      Adopt-A-Street cleanup is Saturday.

      Event season will be gearing up. Steve will post a schedule on Slack.

      Finance – Is trying to be consistent with reporting. She is trying to determine revenue figures.

      KCDCC – Dustin Lambro is the new ombudsman for Code of Conduct. As of April, they are in the black.

      Slate of endorsements passed. Shannon Hadder is the sole candidate endorsed. After the endorsement vote, the co-chairs of the endorsement committee resigned. Gloria Hatcher-Maze and Rick Polinton appointed as the new co-chairs.

      Bylaws were amended to allow board to elect an interim Chair to serve through December.


      Legislative Action – Tim will be focusing more on Seattle issues. Housing, Transit, U-Pass to All UW Employees, eviction reform. And, is resigning, as he is moving out of the district.

      Fundraising – Garden party and state convention are the only events on the horizon.


      8:13 New Business – Chair proposed voting on a slate of candidates to endorse. They are all candidates that we have endorsed before.  MSP.


      Candidates have been informed on what they need to do to potentially be endorsed.

      *Need to fill out the county form. That form requires a candidate to declare that they are a Democrat.


      8:25 Program – June – Endorsements

      July – Possibly endorsements part 2



      Good of the Order:


      Steven suggests removing the $3 membership. State Party Bylaws (which supersedes ours) prohibit making dues mandatory. Everyone deserves a voice. This would be an issue that would need to go to the membership.


      Idea of sustaining rate for membership floated. Ad hoc committee should investigate this before November. Committee will include the treasurer, and chairs of the Finance, Bylaws, and fundraising.


      $34 a month? $13 a month? TBD.


      West Seattle Transportation Committee meeting.


      New member Annabelle (did not get last name) running for PCO.