KCDCC Meeting Notes January 23, 2018

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Due to the recent government shutdown, Congressman Adam Smith was unable to appear at KCDCC tonight. His campaign chair spoke about the shutdown and stated that Adam voted against the budget deal.

      Baily’s Chairs Report – King County Dems have been super busy. There were160 people at the Holiday party. Also, the 4th Vice Chair has resigned. Will begin the process to elect a new 4th Vice Chair next month.

      Lobby Day is President’s Day. Registration is up and live on the KCDCC website. $20 carpools

      Want a large group of people to go and they urge you to schedule meetings with your representatives. Questions regarding Lobby Day should go to the Legislative Action Committee (Chris Porter). The morning keynote speaker will be Cyrus Habib and Wagner’s bakery will provide the food. There will soon be a video available for viewing that explains what Lobby Day is.

      KCDCC is in the process of revamping the Progress Fund – lowest possible donation is $3/month

      Committee Reports:

      Treasury PDC Report $17,000 in the bank right now

      $111,000 raised last year

      Inclusion and Outreach needs 3-5 volunteers for each event and need help with construction of a booth for events

      Candidate Support Committee – Candidate education, recruitment looking for more people to join the committee. See the KCDCC website for more information.

      Endorsements Committee is working on rules for endorsements and new questionnaire for the 2018 election season.

      Four Resolutions were presented:

      Resolution Opposing the Tacoma Liquefied Natural Gas Plant Passed Unanimously

      Resolution Urging our US Senators to Co-Sponsor S1804, Single Payer Health Care Passed Unanimously

      Resolution to “Repeal and Replace I-200: Diversity Resolution” This Resolution was tabled due to lack of information on its origin

      Resolution to Ban Source-of-Income Discrimination in Rental Housing Passed

      A Legislative Agenda was created for use on Lobby Day. It outlines our values as a party and urges State congress members to approve certain bills before them. This agenda will be available on the KCDCC website.

      A Code Of Conduct was passed for King County Democrats. This code of conduct does not apply to individual LDs, and the contents of the approved code can be found on the KCDCC website, as well.