January 19, 2022 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th Dems Board Meeting Minutes

      January 19, 2022 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:03 pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 


      xCarla RogersxBunny Hatcher
      xSteven ButtsxColleen Hinton
      xAaron Garcia VirgenxSarah KochxSara Smith
      xRachel GlassChris PorterxGina Topp
      xLeah GriffinKaren RichterxJulie Whitaker
      xTrey LykinsxNick Bonazza
      xDeena LedgerxRoxanne Thatcher

      Welcome & Reminder of Social Contract

      Review of Agenda and Minutes 

      • November’s minutes approved by voice vote
      • Agenda for tonight approved by voice vote

      Announcements & Upcoming Dates 

      • Still no chair for Fundraising & Events committee, will be asking people to do tasks for the upcoming fundraiser. 
      • Board is suffering resignations, including Dawn (community outreach; making connections to other orgs and internally within our organization) whose job has taken even more of her time; Norman is moving out of the district so will not continue as KCDCC rep primary position. Please help recruit!
      • Membership and hospitality also need support. 
      • SJE Chair – Jeff is stepping away due to family commitments 
      • Caucus and Elections chair Colleen likely lost to redistricting but will work on the upcoming caucus
      • Rachel is very comfortable reaching out to people to recruit if we have suggestions
      • Gina volunteered to chair the fundraising and events committee if we do the event in person.
      • We may convert some 34th committees to be ad-hoc/special committees, not standing committees, so not required to participate in board meetings. 

      Seattle Approves Campaign 

      • New campaign presentation by Bunny Hatcher 
      • Efrain Hudnell wants support for ‘Approval’ voting, which is different from single choice voting or ranked choice, you’d only vote ‘approve’ or ‘disapprove’ each candidate; Effrain stated there was concern in his district, but it’s not clear which district he represents.  He feels this is a simpler method.  It would only impact primaries and it would only affect Seattle.  Three cities including Fargo, North Dakota have moved to this method. Would potentially require a change in State Law.  Bunny will invite him to the March 16th board zoom meeting to provide more information https://seattleapproves.org/


      • Redistricting continues, and there is a lawsuit in the works in the lower courts (United States District Court

      Western District of Washington, Case No.: 3:22-Cv-5035, Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief)

      • Please VOLUNTEER if you have an hour here or there. (Leah Griffin volunteered to do Twitter). 
      • Proposed Updates to our Bylaws and Endorsement rules will be in our next meeting. 
      • We will have an in-person Board meeting in February.
      • Caucus format can be online. Anticipating virtual caucus March 26th (State will provide instructions soon.) 
      • GREAT pre-meeting program in January. 

      2021 34th Dems Executive Board Retrospective
      Board members participated in a retrospective (good and to be improved) for 2021 year.

      NameThings that went well in 2021

      Membership meetings on Zoom, endorsement meeting, Burien Canvas events, holiday service project, caucus work, esp EELU, programming

      JulieZoom meetings and dealing with technology, programs
      NickPCO specific: Burien work, Minivan!, Voter turnout, training, 1 to 1 communication with PCOs
      Sara SZoom meetings (allowing people to talk and share)
      Sarah KEndorsement meeting
      TreyMade it easy to be a member, endorsement voting, enhanced the data collected on the membership form (demos), migration to NGP8
      LeahService Project, Pop Up Socials
      SteveMPCs, programs, videos of meetings (YouTube!)
      GinaVoting system, Burien, financial situation
      AaronPop Up Social, Service Project
      BunnyEndorsement process/mtg
      RachelBurien effort, endorsement meeting, service project


      NameThings that should be done differently in 2022
      ColleenMore volunteers in Burien, more volunteers in canvassing and campaigns, tap into people who are highly motivated to work in other districts or states (less democratic)
      JulieMake sure we cover all the business issues first (we are rushing through business)
      NickInvolve more PCOs in outreach activities, help with vote builder lists (data team), PCO to PCO contacts to build communities (get them working together and mentoring), more Voter Registration
      SaraMeetings are long
      Sarah KMore participation in canvassing
      TreyRecruit committee members
      LeahTrim down time spent on Resolutions (only ones with policy goals)
      SteveMore outreach (COVID), worked well with the 33rd, problems with the website, need to increase Twitter posts, get PCOs more involved with voter reg
      BunnyHigh membership: Call new members, contribute more earlier
      RachelLow attendance at some programs


      NameWhat one thing do you want to do differently in your role in 2022
      Colleen Recruit a replacement for role, Recruit committee members, help recruit other volunteers
      JulieBecome more capable with technology, patience during learning
      Sara STalk more! Participate in a different way.
      Sarah KPCO – do more canvassing 
      Treywork on diversity data
      LeahPick up the flair in KCDCC report
      SteveDo more with neighboring districts (11th…), more Voter registration
      GinaConvert members (who just did endorsement) to participate
      AaronFigure out ways to connect work with School district to 34th
      BunnyGet involved earlier, being more active, get better at tech
      RachelFind ways to get people more excited and motivated about the midterms, more service projects! Maybe no programs


        • Carla asked for flexibility from the board to accommodate a work trip. The board agreed to a Feb 23rd board meeting instead of the 16th.

      8: 35 Adjourned by Carla Rogers, Chair