Holiday Service Project

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      Due to the continued risk of COVID-19, the 34th Democrats have decided to forgo the December End-of-Year Party. Instead the Executive Board plans to sponsor a service project for Camp Second Chance. The project will be done on December 12.

      Camp Second Chance is a clean and sober homeless encampment providing emergency shelter in tiny homes. The current population is about 58. The camp is managed by its residents in partnership with the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI). Camp Second Chance is one of ten encampments authorized and funded by the City of Seattle’s Human Services Department as part of the City’s emergency response to homelessness.

      We ask members, PCOs and board members to take part in the way that you are able. This project shows the community our Democratic values.

      When you contribute to Camp Second Chance, you are helping to provide bedding, clothing, food, and light – the fundamentals of stable human life. The City provides the infrastructure for the camp such as utilities, and basic sanitation and kitchen supplies – but everything else is the responsibility of the camp itself. The camp leadership distributes resources fairly and carefully to those people who are most in need.

      Your material support enables something even more important: a sense of community. To be homeless is to be alone, isolated, cut off from human relationships. The community of the camp provides a sense of belonging, as well as the responsibility to live and work with other people. It’s a point of reentry into society, a refuge from chaos, and an anchor in a turbulent world.

      If you have questions, please email the chair –

      You may also provide a hand-written card for the members of the camp. These will be collected and dropped off on Dec 12 with our other donations.

      Once we close down the donation form on December 5, we will be in touch to confirm your contribution (if food or donated items) and details.

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