February Meeting Recap: How to Resist Trump and Protect What We Hold Dear

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Thank you to everyone who attended in person or watched on Facebook live and made our first program such a success! This is what the beginning of a movement looks like, and this is a movement that will rescue our democracy, restore decency and a leave a liveable planet for our kids.

      Together we will win.

      The attendance last night was inspiring, staff at the Hall at Fauntleroy put the headcount at just over 700! An additional 674 watched via the Facebook live feed provided by Indivisible West Seattle.

      Per usual, the best play by play of the evening can be found on the West Seattle Blog here: http://westseattleblog.com/2017/02/overflow-crowd-34th-district-democrats-gathers-to-stand-up-and-fight/


      We started the night with 195 members, and this morning we have 290, thank you to everyone who joined last night! Last year at this time we had 350 members, so we’ve still got a ways to go just to stay even with last year, and I know we can do better – if you haven’t joined for 2017 please do so now, and please consider monthly donations as it helps us plan. Note: it costs about $10/month per member to provide the programs and candidate/election support we do, so a monthly donation of $10 is the sustaining level. If you can afford to give more please do – we’ll put your money to good use continuing to build the strongest Democratic organization in the state! You can join or renew on our new website at www.34dems.org.


      We started the night with 125 PCOs, and ended with 141. Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a PCO last night, this is by far the biggest impact one can have on voters and elections, and we don’t want to leave any potential democratic voters behind. We have 209 precincts, so we’ve still got work to do here. If you’re interested in becoming a PCO please contact Brooks Salazar at pco@34dems.org.

      Lobby Day

      King County Democrats Lobby Day is Monday, February 20th. If you’re interested in carpooling to Olympia please contact Steve Butts at newsletter@34dems.org.

      Calling all High School Activists!

      Do you know a high schooler who’s concerned about their future and interested in having their voice heard in Olympia? The 34th District Democrats are sponsoring a bus to take high schoolers from the 34th to Olympia for Lobby Day. Please have them contact inclusion@34dems.org ASAP to get on board.

      Sponsor an activist! Please contribute whatever you can to help send these budding young activists to Olympia by making a contribution on our website here: http://www.34dems.org/contribute/

      Taking the next step and getting involved

      Here are some ways you can get involved in the new 34th District Democrats organization:

      1. Become a PCO: http://www.34dems.org/get-active/pco/
      2. Become a member: http://www.34dems.org/membership/
      3. Volunteer: http://www.34dems.org/volunteer/
      4. Join one of our Executive Committees: http://www.34dems.org/our-executive-board/
      5. We’re still looking for an Executive Board member to chair the Finance Committee. If you’re interested in this role please contact me at chair@34dems.org

      And here are the speakers and organizations we heard from last night. Please join one or more as well as joining the 34th. Our strength will come in the relationships we build.

      1. ACLU of Washington: https://aclu-wa.org
      2. Greater Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition: https://www.neighborhoodaction.info/
      3. IndivisibleSEA: http://seattleindivisibles.blogspot.com/
      4. American Muslim Empowerment Network: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanMuslimEmpowermentNetwork/
      5. Equal Rights Washington: https://www.facebook.com/EqualRightsWashington/

      Thanks again for everything you do. We’re building a grassroots organization to protect what we hold dear and leave our kids a world we can be proud to leave them.

      It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. And we will win.

      In solidarity,
      David Ginsberg
      Chair, 34th District Democrats