February 2019 Meeting Minutes

      February 2019 Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      2/13/19 Hall at Fauntleroy

      Membership Meeting Minutes

      February 13, 2019 – Hall at Fauntleroy

      Attendees: See Sign In Sheet

      7:00 Call to Order

      7:01 Pledge of Allegiance

      7:02 VIP Acknowledgements

      Leslie Harris (Seattle School Board President) – The levies passed yesterday. Still have a 14M deficit. Considering options to fill the gaps. 30% costs come from the state. Asking for a new equitable tax structure. Preschool Promise levy passed in November – Charter Schools will get some of this levy funding. City Council must pass this plan. Leslie will run again for her role.

      Austin Bell (Burien City Council) – Discussed updates on affordable housing in Burien. Tenant protection packages are on the docket in Olympia.  

      Judge Marshall Ferguson – appointed by Governor Inslee last summer. Announced he is running to continue his appointment in the fall. Shared his background and vision. [King County Superior Court Position 5.]

      Judge Maureen  McKee –  also appointed by Governor Inslee and will also run this fall. [King County Superior Court Position 31.]

      Joe McDermott – spoke about the recent weather related issues in the county.

      7:17 Approval of the January Meeting Minutes – approved as submitted.

      7:18 Motion to adopt the Agenda Ann Martin, seconded. Adopted as submitted..

      7:18 Chair Report

      Recognized the Blue Wave in 2018 and those election results. 2019 election  year is our current focus.

      Shared that a focus of the 34th will be to fill all 209 Precinct Committee Officers. 78 precincts are currently filled, of 209. Introduced Nick Bonazza as PCO Chair. Introduced committee chairs and officers.

      7:25 Treasurer’s Report

      Ben Reilly presented the Treasurer’s Report. 103 members currently.

      Glen Morgan Lawsuit – no updates.

      7:27 New Business

      Appointment of Committee Chairs – Motion from Ann Martin. Motion passed, executive committee chair slate was confirmed.

      Committee Chairs present made short comments on their goals for the year. Seeking 2 committee chairs – Membership and Programs. Chair will serve as Programs Chair unless/until we have a volunteer.

      Appointment of new Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) – Nick Bonazza introduced new

      PCO nominees. Motion to approve Ann Martin, Chris Porter seconded. Chair called for a vote of PCO nominees. Point of order – PCOs are only able to vote.

      Now have 83 PCOs in the district.

      King Conservation District Supervisor candidate introductions

      Rachel Malloy and Chris Porter made short statements about their candidacy.

      7:56 Program

      Discussion of Goals and Priorities for the coming year.

      2nd Vice Chair Sofia Aragon ran an interactive brainstorming session. Results to be used by the Executive Committee in planning for the year.

      8:59 Lisa Herbolt announced her candidacy for reelection and provided updates on various

      bills from the  current session.

      9:02 Good of the Order

      Chris Porter discussed sexual assault.

      Rachel Glass made an announcement made about Camp Second Chance and the upcoming West Seattle Democratic Women’s upcoming meeting – Feb 28 at Admiral UCC Church, main topic being transportation.

      New member Leah called attention to HB116, which is in appropriations committee. Call Timm Ormsby (360 786-7946 or https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/memberEmail/3/2 and ask him to move the bill out of committee.

      Jesse Greene made an announcement about a social justice project.

      Next 34th Dems general meeting is on March 13th at 6:30pm.

      The KCDCC Bylaws meeting is rescheduled for Feb 23 from 9am – noon at the Machinists Hall.

      9:10 Adjourn to Whiskey West