Executive Board Meeting Notes 1-18-17

      Executive Board Meeting Notes 1-18-17

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th Democrats Executive Board Meeting

      1/18/17, Puget Ridge Common House
      Meeting Called to Order at 7:00pm by District Chair David Ginsberg.
      Welcome from Les Treall on behalf of Puget Ridge


      Rachel Ostrander
      Jacob Holt
      Gina Topp
      Nick Bohall
      Patrick Wicklund
      Elisabeth Atwood
      Nancy Craver
      Stu Yafitz
      Karen Richter
      Steven Butts
      Ted Barker
      Pam McCallister
      Sue Cummings
      Lisa Plymate
      Joy Pakuluk
      Sean Riley
      Kate Riley
      Martha Koester
      Chris Porter
      Treina Aronson

      Committee Reports:

      • Nick announced that Email addresses are up and live, and to contact him if there are any questions
      • Gina Topp will fill role as Finance Chair
      • Data and Technology Chair is still vacant
      • Pam McCallister will be the PCO Coordinator for Burien
      • Les brought up the idea of having a retreat for new PCOs, Chair formed an ad-hoc committee to organize this, with Jacob (as Events Chair) will spearhead

      Treasurer’s Report:

      Gina presented her report on the District’s finances.

      • $7449 in the bank at the end of 2016

      Draft Budget Revenues:

      • Membership Dues of $12,000.00 are expected
      • Numbers were higher in 2016 dues to Election/Caucuses
      • Fundraiser ideas and locations discussed

      Draft Budget Expenditures:

      • Discussion to increase the budget for GOTV Sample Ballots
      • Discussion to set budget at $500 for Non-Profit Organizations
      • Discussion on the merits of using Square vs NGP
      • Discussion to spend funds on Candidate forums for Burien
      • Discussion to budget $1034.00 for KCDCC
      • Discussion of Outreach budget.  $865 proposed
      • Discussion of Signage Budget. $200 proposed
      • Discussion of PCO Gear Up budget. $100 proposed
      • Discussion of fund raising costs. $8,000 proposed for 2017 Garden Party. Discussion of location, West Seattle Nursery appears to be leading candidate and is popular with the membership
      • There is a remaining outstanding bill of $559.00 for Hall rental for July
      • Discussion of adding a line item of $2000.00 for 3 months of operating costs for carryover into 2018
      • Discussion of adding a line item for campaign contributions, amount to be based on changes to this years budget over last years
      • There are currently 150 paid members

      Presentation of Program for February 8th meeting.

      • ACLU
      • Indivisible Washington

      Discussion of a meetup.com subscription for the 34th

      Nick presented the Web Editor’s report:

      • February District Monthly meeting will be live streamed on Facebook

      Sean presented the Inclusion/Diversity report:

      •  6 people signed up at January meeting.
      • Announced Young Storyteller’s event on February 3rd at the Thelma Dewitty Theatre at 4408 Delridge SW, running from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Free, and a potluck!

      Elisabeth presented the Fundraising report:

      Meeting set for the weekend

      Kate presented the Hospitality report:

      Needs to complete transition from Past Chair Mike Heavey

      Joy presented the Membership report:

      • Onward and upward! Asked any members who did not have printed name tags to contact her
      • 2 people signed up for the committee at meeting

      Jacob presented the Event Planning report:

      3 people signed up for the Event Planning committee, they are busily at work organizing the retreat

      Treina presented the Volunteer report:

      • 4 members have reached out to her about joining the Volunteer committee
      • Discussed sending a Skills Audit to members
      • Discussion of a “Volunteer Match” to help Dems in other districts

      Old Business:  None

      New Business:

      • Stu Yafitz presented a resolution regarding reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goals for Washington State to be proposed at the February Membership Meeting
      • Les proposed a Phone Tree to ask membership to renew. This would be targeted at past year’s members who haven’t paid yet. Possibly also directed to people who attended the caucuses. Chair is in favor of this idea
      • Chris and Lisa spoke about the Candidates running for State Chair, Jaxon Ravens, and Tina Podlodowski

      Good of the Order:

      • Steve brought up changing the Masthead for the District. Asked if members would prefer their phone numbers or email addresses listed. Board expressed a clear preference for email addresses
      • Ted brought up sponsoring a Table at the West Seattle Food Bank auction on May 13th.
      • Lisa asked about organization for the Women’s March, Treina advises that we will have our banner there and to look for it
      • Les is looking forward to the Young Storyteller’s event February 3rd
      • Les also suggested more social events so that the membership can get to know each other better. Would Slack be good for this
      • Nick expressed again his willingness to help set up email accounts

      Meeting adjourned at 9pm