Coalitions, Equity & Social Justice Committee


    Chair: OPEN

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    The 34th has a challenge and opportunity: to include, leverage, advocate for, and evolve through diverse points of view in our community.

    This committee is dedicated to listening to and advocating for the multitude of voices and points of view in the 34th.

    This committee will work from three ambitious goals:

    1. Form trusting coalitions with the 34th’s non-profits and cultural institutions so we can identify and advocate for the need and interests of diverse—often marginalized—people in our community.
    2. Develop venues and formats to listen to the diverse voices of our community.
    3. Ensure every single precinct in the 34th has a Precinct Committee Officer.

    Accomplishing these goals will require individuals with the following traits: cultural competency, accepting discomfort, hope, love for all individuals in the 34th, and possessing the fundamental belief we are strong together.

    Please join us in making this vital work happen as we bring together all voices in an effort to create a more equitable, cohesive, and democratic world.