Endorsements & Resolutions Committee

    Chair: Ann Martin

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    The Endorsements & Resolutions Committee receives and oversees the review of proposed resolutions to the membership of the 34th LD Democrats. Upon review of the resolutions, this committee shall submit a report to the Board including a summary of their assessment and any recommendations to the Board regarding future action. All communication with the authors and/or supporters of the resolutions is handled by the chair or co-chair. The chair is also responsible to track resolution and status in the 34th Resolutions Tracker. Resolutions which pass through the board and are ready for review by the membership must be submitted to the newsletter and website editor for publication. 

    The Resolutions committee may also work with Membership Policy Caucuses to author resolutions for submission to the membership.

    The Resolutions chair is recommended to sit on or participate in the King County Democrats and Washington State Democrats Resolutions committees.