Platform & Legislative Action Committee

    Jordan Crawley

    Chair: Jordan Crawley

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    Progress is a process which pulls us toward prosperity. It is our job to keep its wheels turning.

    The Platform & Legislative Action Committee promotes knowledge-seeking, facilitates coalition-building, and initiates political discourse with the goal of advancing Democratic values in and out of our legislative district. We proactively engage in policy development to ensure public officials and our Organization make decisions informed by the values of the communities we are elected and appointed to represent.

    We need people who will passionately pursue progress in various policy areas, including environment and energy, land use, health care and human services, civil rights, transportation, and so much more!

    Folks who get involved will have the opportunity to assist in developing the Organization’s platform, which puts our values and priorities into writing and serves as a guide for many of the decisions members will make in each term. To get involved in our platform and coalition building efforts, check out the 34th LD Membership Policy Caucuses.

    Another way to get involved is to use our new Activate Your Advocacy tools to track legislation by number, committee, sponsor, or topic. The tools also allow you to provide testimony to committees, participate in civic education opportunities, learn more about your legislators and how to comment on bills, and tour the capitol campus! Our committee provides updates on bills in Olympia during the legislative session and, when the State Legislature is out of session, promotes civic education and engagement opportunities in addition to spotlighting local legislative efforts.

    If you have any questions or want to get involved, you can contact the chair directly using the link near the top of the page or fill out the form below.