Chair’s Message: Mayoral Showdown

      150 150 34th Democrats
      The Seattle Mayor’s Race

      The fastest growing large city in America will elect a new Mayor in November, and the vacuum left by the late withdrawal of Mayor Ed Murray has led 21 candidates of varying backgrounds and qualifications to enter the race – making this the most contested race in the August primary. The candidates for Mayor of Seattle are:

      •  Gary E. Brose
      • Casey Carlisle
      • Tiniell Cato
      • Jenny Durkan
      • Thom Gunn
      • Jessyn Farrell
      • Greg Hamilton
      • Michael Harris
      • Bob Hasegawa
      • Lewis A. Jones
      • Dave Kane
      • Harley Lever
      • Mary J. Martin
      • Mike McGinn
      • Cary Moon
      • James W. Norton, Jr.
      • Larry Oberto
      • Nikkita Oliver
      • Jason Roberts
      • Alex Tsimerman
      • Keith J. Whiteman

      With so many candidates, one might wonder how to provide a forum the serves the District and our community without “playing favorites” or “picking winners.” Fortunately, here in the 34th we’ve already solved this problem, and we know just what to do. So saddle up, put on your riding boots and get ready for another

      Showdown in the 34th: Mayor’s Edition

      Just as in April, after brief introductory comments from the candidates they’ll each draw a question at random and answer it, and after all the candidates present have had a shot at answering questions we’re going to let you choose which candidates you want to hear more from through a process of elimination. We’ll let the democratic process determine which candidates get more time to answer the questions that matter here in the 34th.

      At the end of the evening we’ll endorse one (or more) of the candidates. We want it to be fun, interesting, informative and valuable for our members and for the candidates alike. Hope to see you there!

       A note about voting: according to our bylaws:

      “Only members in good standing by the end of the prior month’s meeting may vote, except that any member who had paid dues in the previous calendar year may vote if the membership is renewed at or before the meeting where the endorsement takes place.”

       If you were a member last year but haven’t renewed yet, you can click here to pay your dues and renew your membership in time for the April meeting. If you weren’t a member by the end of the last meeting you won’t be eligible to vote at the April meeting but can join now to be eligible to vote at our big May endorsements meeting.

      A note about decorum

      After our big May endorsement meeting, a number of new members contacted me to share concerns that might keep them from attending future meetings, and I take their concerns very seriously because we’ve been working hard to build this organization and welcome new members. Several people expressed frustration at the noise from the back of the room. So please be respectful and if you must have a conversation during the program take your conversation outside. But by far most of the concerns had to do with an unsubstantiated personal attack launched against one of the candidates during the endorsement process. That was uncalled for, unhelpful and it’s the sort of thing that turns people away, so for the sake of this organization and the important work we need all hands on deck for, let’s resolve to do better than that, let’s all come to the meeting next Wednesday remembering the words of Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.”

       Let’s continue to build an organization that welcomes newcomers and new ideas, that treats others with respect, that reaches out and engages our community to build connections that make all of us more resilient.

      Let’s show by example what it means to be a Democrat and why it matters.

      In solidarity,

      David Ginsberg

      Chair, 34th District Democrats