April 2018 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      34th District Democrats

      E-Board Meeting


      Puget Ridge Common House

      Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Chair David Ginsberg


      Committee Reports:


      King County — Les reported that there was a resolution to allow the board to elect a new chair

      without PCO input, thereby preventing the need for an expensive election for an organization

      that is essentially bankrupt. According to their bylaws, a vice chair cannot assume the chair.

      Outreach – Karen and Steve report that the Cambodian New Year’s is the 28th.

      Green Life Section at Summerfest will cost $175. Waiting for their Board to approve the application.

      June will see Burien Pride on the 2nd.

      Strawberry Festival, Morgan Junction event and the State Convention are all on the same day. Nick will be working Vashon again this year.

      Events – Hoping for a big turnout at the Duwamish Alive Pigeon Point Earth Day Clean Up.

      Planning is getting underway for the Garden Party.


      Finance – Katie met with Gina to discuss how reporting could be simplified and how to limit our financial exposure.

      What info do we wish we had?

      ​​Performance vs. Budget

      ​​Performance vs. Long Term Goal – 2020 Caucus

      ​​Relative Reliability of sources of income.

      ​​Fundraising efficiency

      ​​Cost per meeting at the Hall

      ​​Cost per member.

      ​​How many days (less caucuses expenses) of operating expenses are on hand?



      7:33 Sister District Discussion –


      ​Dow will be getting involved.

      ​31st, 8th, and 47th are under consideration.

      ​Decision made on the 47th.



      7:45 KCDCC Dues are $800


      ​​Les made a motion to pay which was seconded and passed.

      ​​Gina will be instructed to pay.



      8:05 Resolution –


      ​​Martha Koester has presented a resolution to open VoteBuilder to all Dem candidates.

      There is no litmus test in the resolution. Current rules state that the candidate must be endorsed before access is granted. MSP to send back to Martha to reword.

      Second resolution presented to urge Gov. Inslee to not send troops to help the Border Patrol. Resolution fails to get the votes to present to the membership.


      8:20 Program –

      ​​May – Senate Candidates

      ​​June – Primary Endorsements

      ​​July – Primary Endorsements

      ​​August – Possibly no meeting? If there is one, Michael Taylor-Judd is willing to chair.




      8:31 Good of the Order


      Initiative 1631 dealing with carbon emissions will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

      Next E-Board meeting to be at Katie’s house. Address to follow.

      8:53 Adjourned.