A Lot at Stake in Burien

      400 300 34th Democrats
      Burien GOTVThere’s a lot at stake in Burien. Four city council seats hang in the balance. Come out an help make sure that democratic values win on November 2nd.
      The 34th District Dems are partnering with community organizations and local unions to canvas each weekend between Sept 19 and election day. Can you spare a few hours to be sure that Burien stays blue? Hugo Garcia, Jimmy Matta, Sarah Moore and Krystal Marx need your support. Let’s do this!
      This week’s partner is the Working Families Party! Meet up at Burien Press on Sunday, Sept 19 at 1pm (canvas 1-4pm).
      Sign up or walk up. We will train you and get you prepared to talk to democratic-leaning households. This is a friendly canvas! Our neighbors need our encouragement to vote.

      Post expires at 2:00pm on Sunday September 19th, 2021