2022-10-19 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      34th District Democrats Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      October 19, 2022 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      7:00 pm – Call to Order by Chair Carla Rogers 


      xCarla RogersxJulie WhitakerxSarah Koch
      Aaron Garcia VirgenKaren RichterSoleil Lewis
      Annie PhillipsLeah GriffinxSteven Butts
      xBunny HatcherxNick BonazzaxTed Barker
      xChris PorterxRachel GlassxTrey Lykins
      Deena LedgerRoxanne Thayer
      Gina ToppxSara Smith

      Welcome & Introductions & Reminder of Social Contract

      Review of Agenda and Minutes 

      • Last month’s minutes approved by unanimous consent 
      • Agenda for tonight approved by unanimous consent

      Chair’s Report 

      • Lawsuit update: Sept 23, all 3 within the lawsuit bundle were dismissed 
      • Bank Issue (Umpqua) – MoneyMinder is a tool we use to track our funds, and due to an upgrade, appears to no longer be compatible with Umpqua with no fix on the horizon.  Suggestion to change banks when we are less busy financially. BECU and Sound Credit Union appear to be good options. Treasurer and Chair will pursue. No need for a vote for this piece of business.  
      • Updates from latest Zoom Meeting
        • All campaign donations have been made
        • Received thank-you’s from candidates
      • November 16 Board meeting – 11000 35th Ave SW, 6:30-8:30pm 
      • December POP UP Social – December 9, Can Bar in White Center

      End of Year Tasks

      • Recruiting Mode! 
        • Send names to Rachel and Carla 
      • Help Organize the Holiday Service Project
      • Planning for Reorganization – current board runs through January 11, setting up the next board for success, and getting out the word to new volunteers. 
      • December  
        • KCDCC Reorg planning and PCO Election
        • Financial Tracking
        • Membership Drive
          • Need to create new forms on website with new codes, promotion/communication 
          • Must encourage everyone to re-join because memberships expire at the end of the year

      Committee Reports 

      • Outreach – no new events, volunteers are not responding as much, lost touch with some folks during Covid 
      • PCO – volunteers canvassing for Leesa Manion, Friday and Saturday canvassing events for Patty Murray (press on Friday noon at C&P Coffee; Saturday at MLK Park with Senator Warren and Patty Murray), as well as phone banking, see https://secure.ngpvan.com/MqHAXiz7-U6wp5TcqGSArw2 for more information.    Need as many people to show up and canvas as possible, as some races are not going as well as we’d hoped. Turnout is vital! 
      • State Committee – Chris Porter, if re-elected as congressional district representative, will participate in the State LD reorganization, there are large costs in this role, due to driving across the state two or three times, and having to stay at hotels, which adds up for expenses.  No funds at the committee level to support those who may not have the funds to do so. Brings up the question of whether using Zoom makes more sense. 
        • King County Dems – emphasis on GOTV and upcoming elections, some discussion of LD re-orgs  
      • Endorsements & Resolutions – 30 resolutions, 18 passed by membership, 2 were initiatives, and 2 became charter amendments.  Kudos to Ann Martin, editor of the year for endorsements and resolutions.  A very effective year! 
      • Programs (Holiday Service Project) – Sean Goode with Choose 180 is interested and will get back in touch with Rachel after their major event closes soon.  Other options are coming in, and Rachel will have more information soon for the board and members. 
      • PLAC – Platform Legislative Action Committee – Carla has been working with caucus members and leads to put together their legislative pre-session Q&A (6 participants, 4 caucuses, and the 3 moderators who will be asking the questions. Carla is interested in being on this committee next year.  
      • Equity & Social Justice – Soleil not present, possibly stepping down. 
      • Fundraising & Events – Gina not present, currently heading up November 9th Eileen Cody program.  
      • Membership – getting ready for 2023 forums 
      • Communications – Carla plans to continue in this role unless someone else expresses interest. 
      • Awards – several elected officials will be present to give toasts to Eileen Cody for her 28 years of dedicated service, and members are welcome to add other toasts to celebrate her work.  The 34th is hosting the event and encourages members to bring side dishes to share.   PLEASE SUBMIT AWARD NOMINATIONS!  
      • Caucus & Elections, Young Dems, OPEN, No reports

      Good of the Order 

      • None this month 

      Adjourned at   8:34 pm by Carla Rogers, Chair