10-14-20 Virtual Membership Meeting Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      General Meeting Minutes

      October 14, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

      7:01 – Gina Topp, chair, called the meeting to order.

      Opening Ceremonies 

      • Land acknowledgment made by Gina Topp. 
      • General meeting statement – Reminder that the 34th is a safe, welcoming environment. 
      • VIP Acknowledgements
        • King County Executive Dow Constantine was acknowledged. Executive Constantine spoke about the election and how we will be able to rebuild our democracy in 2021.
        • KC Councilmember Joe McDermott was acknowledged and updated us on work that the council did this week. They adopted a budget which included the Health Through Housing legislation, funded by the sales tax. 
        • KC Councilmember Dave Upthegrove was acknowledged and discussed the impact of the Health Through Housing program. Upthegrove promoted a yes vote on Charter Amendment 6.
        • Senator Joe Nguyen was recognized and spoke about the next session. 
        • Representative Eileen Cody was recognized and spoke about the Politico article which mentioned WA state and called out our effective COVID response. 
        • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon was recognized and discussed the election in terms of house races. He noted that the next session likely will be all remote. Police Accountability, Tax Structure, Transportation and Climate are big priorities.
        • King Conservation District Supervisor Chris Porter was recognized and spoke about saving pollinators by leaving leaves on the ground and keeping mason bees over the winter. 
      • Adoption of September Minutes – Gina shared the September minutes. Ann Martin moved and Eileen Cody seconded accepting the minutes as presented. Motion passed and minutes were approved. 
      • Adoption of October Agenda – The agenda was presented. Rachel Glass made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted and Earl Godt seconded. Motion passed and agenda was approved

      7:17 – GOTV 34th LD Virtual Phone Banking Program 

      Trey Lykins, Rocco DeVito, Steve Butts and Marcee Stone-Vekich shared reasons why they spend time making phone calls in our 34th LD phone banks.  

      Colleen Hinton spoke on behalf of the Sister District Phone Bank supporting NC. the 34th is supporting Brian Farkas for State House and working with DeLancey Lane in this battleground state. We will be calling into NC on October 31 from 3:30 – 5:30. Sign up on our website.

      7:30 – New Precinct Committee Officer Appointments

      We are up to 126 PCOs as of this evening! Chair Nick Bonazza thanked all the volunteers who are working with PCOs and volunteering on the phone banks. Nick nominated the 4 PCOs below for appointment. Ann Martin moved and Rachel Glass seconded the motion to approve these 4 new PCOs. Motion passed and PCOs were appointed.

      • Joshua Wilmot – Burien 0381
      • Margo Crandall – SEA 1409
      • Trey Lykins – SEA 1454
      • Merrilee Runyon – 34 Vashon Burton

      7:40 – Endorsements

      Rachel Glass moved to endorse YES for Transit Prop 1. Ann Martin seconded. Rachel ceded her time to Emilio Garza who spoke about the measure. $39m for transit annually. No speakers against the motion. Ann Martin moved acclimation for a voice vote. 100% voted for endorsing YES for Transit Prop 1. 

      Senator Joe Nguyen moved to endorse the Highline Technology Levy. Rachel Glass seconded. Joe yielded his time to Long Phan who shared information about the levy. The group voted and approved the endorsement by acclimation.

      Ann Martin moved to endorse all 7 King County Charter Amendments. Rachel Glass seconded. Ann spoke to her motion. The group voted and approved the endorsement by acclimation.

      7:40 – Campaign Contributions

      Gina shared the news that we have $11K to spend on campaign donations. The executive board is proposing that we spend accordingly: $1000 – R90, $2500 each to Gael Tarleton, the WSCC, the HDCC and Mike Pellicciotti. Chris Porter moved to approve and Marcee Stone-Vekich seconded the motion. Chris spoke on behalf of his motion. No speakers against the motion. The group voted by voice vote. Motion passed with 100% approval of voting members. 

      Donna Christianson asked that the board consider granting a contribution to Chris Reykdahl (Superintendent of Public Instruction). Gina noted this for the Executive board meeting next week. 

      7:51 – 2021 Officer Elections

      Gina shared that executive board elections are coming up in January of 2021. This is called ‘Reorganization’. Gina shared the basics of the process. Only PCOs will be voting (those elected in May). Candidates will speak at the December meeting. PCO lists are made available to declared candidates. Gina will be stepping  back from the chair position. Anyone interested in running, can reach out to Gina for more information. Ann Martin mentioned that members join PCOs in electing the Secretary and Treasurer. Ann mentioned that she would like to share her experience as a State Committeeperson if anyone is interested in that position. 

      7:58 – Maury Island Discussion

      Marcee Stone-Vekich shared the research she had done looking into the naming of the island. Marcee asked for volunteers to work with her as she works toward recommendations for action to change the name of the Island. Representative Fitzgibbon spoke about the issue. Fitzgibbon explained the process for initiating a name change. The Resolution will be taken up in the November meeting. 

      8:11 – Proposed Code of Conduct

      Gina opened the conversation with a recap of how this revision started, and why. She shared the steps we’ve taken as an organization to revise the Code of Conduct (CoC). This CoC was presented initially in February but tabled a member requested more time to review the draft. Jesse Greene made a motion that we pass the Code of Conduct as written. Ann Martin seconded. Jesse spoke for his motion. Jesse ceded the balance of his time to Jordan Crawley who spoke for the motion.  Les Treall spoke against the new CoC. Chris Porter spoke for the new CoC. Chris Weiss spoke against the CoC. Code of Conduct passed with 80% vote. 

      Gina closed the meeting with a few announcements.

      • Yard signs are available for Gael Tarleton and Biden/Harris. 
      • Please sign up to phone bank! 

      8:32pm- Adjourn