08-12-20 Monthly Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      August 12, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck hosted by 2nd vice chair Jesse Greene.

      7:01pm – Call to Order

      Opening Ceremonies 

      • Jeff Sbaih led us in a land acknowledgement. Jeff shared some history about Alki. We honor with gratitude the land and tribe of the Duwamish. 
      • Chris Porter shared a slideshow honoring Representative John Lewis.
      • A statement about the process for the meeting was made by Gina Topp.
      • Carla Rogers provided Zoom tips. 

      VIP Acknowledgements

      • Eileen Cody thanked everyone for support during the Primary and looked forward to the general. 
      • Joe Fitzgibbon spoke about the opportunity to flip the 34th. 
      • Hillary Madsen thanked the 34th for the endorsement for Superior Court position 13. 
      • King County Councilman Joe McDermott was recognized. 
      • King County Councilman John Upthegrove was recognized and mentioned how having our meetings on Zoom allowed him to attend.

      The July Meeting Minutes were presented and Jesse Greene made a motion to approve the minutes. Rachel Glass seconded. Motion carried, minutes were approved as presented.

      The August Agenda was presented. Ann Martin made a motion and a second was made by Marcee Stone to approve it as presented. Motion carried, minutes were approved as presented. 

      Virtual Phone Bank – Max Brown spoke about the 2 phases of voter contact during election season. Pre-primary, the 34th made a pass and a half through our GOTV universe. The size of the GOTV universe in the general election will be doubled. We need everyone who is comfortable with phone banking to participate in the 34th phone bank program. See our website for links to sign up.

      7:31 – New Precinct Committee Officer Appointments 

      Nick presented 6 PCOs for consideration. 

      • Jordan Crawley 1435
      • Hannah Cameron 1456
      • Laura Goodsell – Stocki 1463
      • Erica Brody  1476
      • Richard Bartlett 1486
      • Sarah Koch 34 – Glasgow

      Ann Martin moved that we welcome and approve all PCO candidates. Jesse Greene seconded. Motion passed unanimously. There are now 126 PCOs elected.

      Turnout for King County was 54% (approximately). There were 12 contested PCO precincts. 

      7:35pm – Endorsements

      Leah Griffin made a motion to endorse Referendum I-90. Karen Richter seconded. Leah spoke on behalf of the initiative for comprehensive sex ed in schools. No one spoke against the endorsement. Les moved that we vote by acclamation. Vote passed, the 34th officially endorsed I-90.. 

      7:48pm – King County Charter Amendments Regarding the Criminal Legal System

      Rob Saka, who served on the charter review commission, spoke about the police accountability amendments. The presentation will be placed on the homepage of the website after the meeting.  Rob’s informative presentation is available on our website. Rob took questions and shared the final report link: https://www.kingcounty.gov/~/media/independent/charter-review-commission/2020/Approved_KC_CRC_Report_-_Full.ashx 

      8:18 – Postcard Writing Presentation

      Rachel Glass introduced Kathy Rawle who gave a short overview of the Postcards to Voters initiative. Kathy shared various groups who are doing postcards and text banking as an alternative to phone banking. Opportunities are available on the website: https://34dems.org/6167-2/.

      8:29 – Resolutions: Jordan Crawley

      Three resolutions have been considered by the Executive Board and moved to the General Membership with a recommendation to approve.

      1. Commitment to Israeli-Palestinian peace & opposition to further occupation, settlement expansion, or other unilateral annexation of West Bank territory.

      Jordan Crawley provided a summary. Ann Martin moved to pass this resolution. Annie Phillips seconded.  Katie Harris spoke in favor of the resolution. Moti Krauthamer spoke against the resolution. Dean Shuey made a motion to table the resolution due to inconsistencies with the language and changes suggested by VP Biden. Marcee Stone seconded the motion to table. Chris Porter spoke against the motion. Marcee Stone mentioned that motions to table are not debated per Robert’s Rules. Katie Harris spoke against tabling the resolution. Motion to table did not pass. Resolution passed with 87%. 

      1. Defending immigrant rights

      Jordan Crawley provided a summary. Ann Martin made a motion and Chris Porter seconded to pass the resolution. Chris spoke in favor of the resolution. No one spoke against the resolution. Resolution passed unanimously. 

      1. Equitable hiring and spending processes for political consultants of color.

      Jordan Crawley provided a summary. Ann Martin moved and Sara Koch seconded that we pass this resolution. Ann spoke in favor. Chris Porter spoke against the resolution. Moti Krauthamer made a motion to table the resolution for updates.  Layne Bautista seconded. Motion to table passed. Resolution will go back to the author.

      9:13pm – Policy Discussion Group

      Michael Epton is forming a policy discussion group and will be hosting groups to discuss policy ideas and campaign talking points. Please contact him at epton@drizzle.com if you are interested in joining this group. Ideas for the policy discussion group are available on our website

      9:17pm – Adjourn