06-10-20 General Membership Virtual Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      June 10, 2020 – Virtual meeting held via closed ZOOM

      6:30 pm – Virtual Potluck

      7:03 pm – Gina called the meeting to order. She explained the voting  process and highlighted the agenda topics. 

      Opening Ceremonies

      VIP Acknowledgements

      • Representative Eileen Cody shared that there are plans for a special session in August after the Primary. Budget cuts are on the table, more news next week. Cuts and taxes will be needed. This session and next year will be tough sessions. 
      • KC Councilmember Joe McDermott met with the WS Bridge Advisory group today. He also chaired the Board of Health meeting today as well, for the first time. The department will be recognizing racism as a public health crisis. 
      • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon spoke about the recent BLM marches and events. The indicators are that this election could have positive results due to the climate currently. Joe has been working to look for ways to protect services and is looking at capital gains taxes to help cushion the effect of the recession.

      Commissioner Chris Porter provided his reflections on the Killing of George Floyd and led a Moment of Silence.

      Adoption of January Minutes  – Carla moved for adoption of the meeting agenda as presented. Anne Martin seconded. Motion passed by acclamation.

      Adoption of Agenda – Leah Griffin moved adoption of the meeting agenda as presented. Anne Martin seconded. Motion passed by acclamation.

      7:20 pm – Program:  The Movement for Police Reform –  Andre’ Taylor, founder of Not This Time and an organizer of Seattle rallies.

      7:55 pm – How to Get Out the Vote in 2020

      Nick Bonazza welcomed PCOs and members and talked about our precinct and 34th LD phone banking programs in conjunction with the WA Coordinated Campaign. 

      Cat Floate, Regional field director from the Coordinated Campaign talked about the various ways folks can help with phone banking in both the 34th and statewide. Phone banks will be held Mon-Thurs, Sat-Sunday every week. Cat shared information about the hot races in the state and the strategy to win. CC’s mission is to get out the vote with voter contact. Anyone interested will be trained. Sign up at https://bit.ly/34thPhoneBank.

      Representative Joe Fitzgibbon talked about the races in the 26th Legislative District which is a flippable seat this year.  Joy Stanford pos. 2, Carrie Hesch pos. 1 are the two candidates for the House seats. 

      Colleen Hinton shared information about work she is doing in North Carolina through the Common Purpose organization. There are 2 candidates – Brian Farkas and Francis Jackson. More information will be made available as plans come together. 

      8:45 pm – Meet the Democratic Candidates for Lt. Governor

      • Marco Liias
      • Denny Heck

      Both candidates gave remarks, took questions and asked for endorsement in July. 

      9:02 pm – 16 new Precinct Committee Officers were introduced and confirmed. Nick read the oath and requested an affirmation vote. Chris Porter made a motion  and Ann Martin seconded. Vote was done via Zoom. PCOs were appointed and approved. 

      Announcements: July 8 is our endorsement meeting. 

      9:11 pm – Adjourn

      June 20 General Meeting Power Point