04-08-20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

      150 150 34th Democrats

      Executive Board Meeting Minutes – 4/8/20

      Held via conference call due to COVID-19.

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Steve Butts, Gina Topp, Nick Bonazza, Ann Martin, Rachel Glass, Art Chippendale, Leah Griffin, Les Treall, Jesse Greene, Karen Richter, Martha Koester, Ted Barker, Max Brown 

      7:04 Gina called the meeting to order. 

      Nick attended a training for how to communicate with voters without going door to door. 

      New Delegate Selection Process 

      Gina provided an overview of the delegate selection process which has been agreed upon by the state party. The state party adopted an emergency plan which allowed them to create a new process by which we will select our delegates. The Affirmative Action plan was also updated. We will use online voting for this process. Candidates will nominate themselves for delegate via the online registration tool owned by the state. This is the same tool we were using for Caucus Pre-Registration. You may go online and see who has registered. PCOs will vote on the delegates, only elected/appointed PCOs qualify. Communication to PCOs has been sent by Gina. The audit (tally) committee will verify the votes. 

      Gina shared the timeline. Nominations are due by April 24th. Voting will be April 26th – May 3rd. Gina will send out the ballots on the 26th. Delegates will be notified on May 5th.

      Carla shared the Communication plan: We will have a FB event and page on our event for the new process, directing those interested to the 34th Registration page on WA Dems Registration page. The Executive Board should share this info within their personal channels. Blog has been contacted, as well as the Herald and B-Town Blog. Nick will cover Vashon press.

      Recruitment and Diversity plan updates were shared by Rachel. Even though Bernie has officially dropped out of the race we still need to fill slots based on the primary vote results. Rachel is working hard to recruit people to fill the 73 slots. There are multiple virtual trainings available online on the WA Dems site.  

      In preparation for the upcoming election of delegates, we have to determine if we will release our PCO list to those who are running for delegate. Gina is proposing that we send out the PCO list proactively to nominees. Debate was held.  

      • Ann made a motion to provide the PCO list and contact information to candidates for delegate to CD and State Convention to all candidates after the registration has closed. Les seconded. Rachel wants to clarify what contact information will be provided – info publicly available. Ted spoke against the motion. Art spoke against the motion. Motion failed. 
      • Ted moved to release the PCO list to delegate candidates upon request. Withdrawn. 
      • Ted moved that Gina sends the PCO list and contact information to anyone who submits their candidacy for delegate. Nick seconded. (On Demand) Les requested an amendment to include ‘how to use’ instructions from Gina. Motion passed with majority. 


      Ben was absent so the budget was not reviewed. Gina asked the members to review it and provide feedback. 

      T-Shirt Sales

      Carla is going to put up a page on the site where we can sell our new t-shirts. Carla will deliver in West Seattle! 

      July fundraiser

      Carla provided updates about the fundraiser planning. There is great concern that we can pull off a fundraiser in July if we are still on Stay Home order in May. The concern is procurement and event publicity. We will make a call around May 12. If we postpone the event, we will aim at just prior to Labor Day or just after Labor Day to reschedule. We may also consider doing an online only fundraiser.  

      The next General Meeting will be held via Conference Call on May 13th. Gina is creating a program with electeds. No business will be done, it will be ‘lite’. 

      Good of the Order

      • Next eBoard meeting will be via conference call on May 20. 
      • PCO filings and endorsements are around the corner in May. 
      • Karen reminded us that we have 3 resolutions and a bylaws change on the table that need to be addressed.
      • PCO business is continuing. Nick and team will be getting contact lists out to PCOs, along with the filings. 

      9:02 Adjourn