03-06-21 Executive Board Retreat Minutes

      400 300 34th Democrats

      Attendees: Carla Rogers, Julie Whitaker, Karen Richter, Sara Smith, Rachel Glass, Trey Lykins, Dawn Rains, Norman Sigler, Estey Chen, Bunny Hatcher, Nick Bonazza, Gina Topp, Richard O’Neill, Leah Griffin, Jordan Crawley, Jeff Sbaih, Steven Butts, Colleen Hinton, Janine Anzalota 

      12:30pm Call to Order by Carla Rogers, Chair

      Approval of Agenda and Minutes

      • Verbal approval of minutes and agenda, no opposition. 

      Resolutions – Review Board Process

      • Carla reviewed the Slack review/approval process for Resolutions and asked for feedback or concerns. Board agreed to pilot the process in April and May, then decide Yes/No in the June meeting.  Carla will text members notifying them that resolutions are in Slack for their review.

      Endorsement Rules – Review, Discuss, Vote

      • Jordan Crawley motioned to recommend the membership adopt the proposed endorsement rules which is a clarification and update of the 2009 documents. Leah Griffin seconded.  Verbal approval, none opposed.

      Budget May 2021 – April 2022 – Review, Discuss, Vote

      • Julie Whitaker presented the budget report and explained the need for an extended budget period this year to align the fiscal year. Modeling fiscal year after King County gives incoming leadership time to make a budget rather than starting in January. The current fiscal year will end on April 30. Fiscal year 2020 will be a total of 16 months. The 2021 fiscal year will start on May 1, 2021 and end on April 30, 2022.
      • Membership is still Jan 1 – Dec 31. 
      • The budget will be revisited in August or September when we know more about the impact of COVID. 
      • Adding speaker fees for quality presentations in zoom meetings. 
      • Not planning in-person meetings until December, the holiday party.
      • No fundraiser at this point in time; will revisit when we have a fundraising chair. 
      • Per bylaws, we only donate funds to campaigns of endorsed candidates. 
      • Outreach expenses will be in a general line item given that we do not know what events will take place this year. 
      • Changes are always open to discussion throughout the year.  
      • Gina Topp made a motion to add $500 for postage to the PCO Budget. Julie Whitaker increased to $1000 and Leah Griffin seconded. Motion passed.
      • Julie Whitaker motioned to take the amended 2021 interim budget to take to membership for approval by the body, Rachel Glass seconded. Verbal approval, no opposed.

      Anti-Racist Leadership Training by Olgy Diaz 

      • Gained foundational knowledge around anti-racism and learned leadership tools to help govern the 34th as a more welcoming and inclusive organization. 

      What’s Going on In Burien? 

      • Mayor Jimmy Matta and Council Member Sofia Aragon presenting (highlights)

      Discussed bringing in Mary’s Place, addressing rent, downtown restroom facilities, and holding landlords accountable. Burien is much safer than several years ago and is highly cognizant of its low tax base.  Other cities come to see what Burien is doing since it is going well. Shooting and gang violence has dropped a lot. Still have issues with drug addiction.  The 34th can help with campaigning by partnering BIPOC and Caucasian individuals to go door-to-door campaigning and providing financial assistance.  Winning the 34th is a ground game and door-to-door in next election cycle will be crucial. Burien has a different capacity to respond to issues and support its governance than Seattle, yet many issues are the same.  Annexing White Center brought support systems that cannot scale up in density (i.e. septic as opposed to sewers). SEA-TAC airport is run by Port of Seattle and is the 8th largest airport in the US.  Noise pollution lowers math and reading scores. Examining a proposal to split up cargo flights and sending them elsewhere.

      Burien Focus Sub-Committee for 2021 Election

      • Report on Burien issues during 34th membership meetings
      • Committees to consider ways to be inclusive of Burien and White Center
      • Consider rotating in-person meeting locations to include Burien and White Center
      • Mayor Matta and Councilmember Aragon to present at May 12 meeting

      Goals, Committee Plans 

      • Carla reminded the group of the 34th LD Purpose: This organization is dedicated to increasing participation of the citizens of the 34th District in governmental affairs, increasing the efficiency of government and implementing the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party in order to provide for all of the people, the highest degree of justice, opportunity, and general welfare. 
      • Carla shared her goals for this term: 
        • Expand and diversify our membership, creating a welcoming environment for young Democrats, who are the future of the part
        • Establish Political Voice/Authority within the State while building our voice in policymaking
        • Build LD and Partner Organization Coalitions across the Region
      • Committee Chairs are encouraged to review how their Committees support these goals, and map their Committee goals to the larger organizational goals
      • We will do additional committee goal work in future meetings. 


      • Chris Porter has served the 34th Executive Board for 15 years, the longest serving POC in its history. 
      • Use the Google Calendar for committee meetings
      • Role Descriptions will be discussion at Mar 17 meeting
      • Membership Meeting – March 10 
      • Next Board meeting March 17
      • Modern Monetary Theory Program – April 5
      • Tina Podlodowski and Jane Kleeb will be special guests at April 14 Membership meeting
      • Town Hall/Session Overview (Jayapal, Nguyen, Cody, Fitzgibbon) – May 2
      • Candidate Forums – May 22, May 25, June 5
      • Endorsement Meeting – June 9

      5:00pm Adjourn by Carla Rogers, Chair