34th District Recognition Program - 2014

Updated as of December 10, 2014

2014 Awards

The 2014 Awards were presented at our Holiday Party on December 10th. Here are the award citations and photos. Click on any photo to see a larger version.

Awardees and Elected Officials

The photo above is our award recipients and elected officials present at the Holiday Party. Left to right: Toni Lysen, Georgette Valle, Eileen Cody, Marcee Stone, Bill Tracy, Tom Rasmussen, Lloyd Hara, Les Treall, Chris Porter, Chris Weiss, Joe McDermott.

Marcee Stone and Georgette ValleCherisse Luxa Lifetime Achievement Award

Georgette Valle - We have a real treasure living in our district, and for her many years of outstanding public service to our state, Georgette Valle truly deserves this year's Lifetime Achievement Award. Born on a farm in Blue Earth, Minnesota in 1924, Senator Valle moved to Burien with her Norwegian husband, a dentist, in 1951. In addition to raising their two children, and working as an occupational therapist, she became active in a number of community organizations such as the League of Women Voters, Lions' Club and Evergreen Democratic Women's Club. She attended the 1960 convention that nominated JFK and then led a drive that registered 10,000 new voters. She became a leading state representative, serving the 31st Legislative District for 12 years, then because of redistricting, the 34th District for 12 years, up until 1997. Representative Valle's main areas of work in the legislature were environment, women's rights, education and peace, leading the efforts to pass legislation like the Flammable Fabrics Act and the Puget Sound Pipeline Safety Act. Her biggest legislative achievement, which took her 12 years of steady hard work fighting the tobacco lobby, was passage of the Washington Indoor Clean Air Act. After leaving the state legislature, she spent 4 years on the Burien City Council. Her favorite project there was working to establish the Environmental Science Service board housed at Seahurst Park. She has also been active in the Fauntleroy Community Association, Southwest Youth and Family Services, Senior Center of West Seattle, and the Highline Community Council. She is author of an autobiography, Always a Rebel and Never Without a Cause and more recently, Courageous Women. Senator Valle is certainly a courageous woman herself and a shining light to every Democrat, and truly merits the 2014 Cherisse Luxa Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kathryn Sprigg, Executive Board Member of the Year

Kathyrn has been a long-time member of the 34th, and has stepped up to serve as secretary the past two years. She is meticulous with minutes of both District and Executive Board meetings. She succinctly and accurately summarizes discussions at the meeting, as well as the votes and official activities. She invariably produces draft minutes within a few days of the meetings. She also actively participates in meetings, asking timely questions and participating in the discussions. The minutes are the official record of the 34th District Democrats, and Kathryn has done an outstanding job producing them.

Chris Porter and Marcee StoneChris Porter as Member of the Year

Chris Porter has served as the State Committeeman for the past four years. Chris attends every State Committee meeting, many King County Democrats' meetings and well represents the interests of the 34th District Democratic Organization. He serves as vice chair of the state committee's Affirmative Action committee. But Chris is also very active in the 34th District Organization itself. He has chaired or co-chaired the annual Garden Party and Auction, and has been an active and lively participant in the Garden Party. He serves as timekeeper during our hotly contested endorsement meetings and is recognized at both King County and state party levels as timekeeper par excellence. He also is an active participant in meetings adding to the discussion and making relevant points to help members better understand difficult topics and the choices we make. Chris Porter is the "all around" member and leader and is the epitome of an active, involved, member of the Executive Board.

Chris Weiss and Marcee StonePCO of the year: Chris Weiss

Chris Weiss is the epitome of the active, involved, Precinct Committee Officer. He's always been active in events like phone banks at the IAM hall in South Park. He not only makes calls, but also doorbells for the Coordinated Campaign on a regular basis. Jackie Dupras convinced Chris at Drinking Liberally in Burien to become a PCO. He said: "Hey, I'm just going to be doing what I've been doing anyway, what's the big deal!" When things need to be done, Chris is there. He walks his precinct every year and often neighboring precincts without PCO representation. In 2012 he'd take a walk list and return it, then take another to help cover the Burien area. In 2014 he made a couple of trips down to the 30th LD to canvas in support of Shari Song. He's the first person to sign up for a booth shift, parade or any special outreach effort. You will often run into him at fundraisers for our endorsed candidates. He is a regular volunteer at our White Center Food Bank shifts. And he's opened his wallet up a time or two at our auction. Chris comes to our meetings with regularity, not looking for any special recognition. He just does those things that are above and beyond what a regular PCO does, year in and year out. The cumulative of his actions makes him worthy of recognition as PCO of the Year.

Les Treall and Marcee StoneCommittee of the year: The PCO Committee

The PCO committee is chaired by Les Treall. Active members include Ted Barker, Michael Arnold, Carol Ziegler, Ben Skwiercz and Martha Koester. The PCO Committee does the structural work for the 34th by recruiting PCO's, encouraging them to walk their precincts and getting them the lists and materials they require to do so. The committee meets on a regular basis, looking for ways to increase voter turnout in our district for every election. Chair Les Treall always has an agenda prepared and keeps the meetings on task. A few of the initiatives of the PCO committee included:

  • Analyzing the changes the 2012 redistricting brought, and worked to update the precinct and PCO list;
    Frequent outreach to members by calling in advance of endorsement meetings;

  • Calling previous 2013 members, encouraging them to renew.

  • Contacting current and potential PCO's to inform them about the 2014 KC PCO election process.

  • Working to provide voter registration forms and access to apartment buildings, and doing a registration drive at Arrowhead gardens.

  • Using the new Washington State Democrats' mapping tool to analyze the district and pinpoint areas of low voter registration.

  • Organizing an outreach day to canvass in these areas to seek new voters.

This Committee is extraordinarily active and deserving of the "Committee of the Year" Award.

Call for Nominations 2014

All our members are important, but there are some who stand out and deserve to be recognized for all they do. If you know someone who you think deserves recognition in any of these six categories, nominate them for an award by sending an email here. In the email simply state the name of the person you are nominating, which award they deserve and why they deserve it.

Nominations are due Tuesday, December 2nd. The point of contact for the recognition program are Bill Schrier and Lisa Plymate - contact them via e-mail here or at 206.937-8045 or 937-5050. You can see our previous award winners here:
  •   2013 Award Winners
  •   2012 Award Winners
  •   2011 Award Winners
  •   2010 Award Winners

Categories of Recognition:

  • Cherisse Luxa Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Outstanding Committee
  • PCO of the Year
  • Executive Board Member of the Year
  • Member of the Year
  • Rising Star

Here are the evaluation criteria for each award:

Lifetime Achievement:

  • Length of service in the District
  • Participation - variety, type extent of contribution
  • Innovation
  • Team player - collegial, works well with others, respectful, well regarded, community-oriented
  • Results/Outcomes - demonstrated record of outstanding performance; identifiable benefits to the District

Outstanding Committee

  • Type of work - project specific, community based work, etc.
  • Innovation
  • Execution - how was work accomplished effectiveness
  • Team players - synergy of group
  • Results/Outcomes

PCO, Executive Board Member, Member, Rising Star

  • Type of work - project specific, community based work, etc.
  • Innovation
  • Execution
  • Team player
  • Results/Outcome

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