Updated January 25, 2011

The 34th District Democrats is the official organization of the Democratic Party in West Seattle, White Center (North Highline), Burien, Vashon and Maury Island.

All elected Democratic Precinct Committee Officers (PCO's) are automatically members of the 34th District Democratic Organization. Anyone else who identifies themselves as a Democrat is welcome to join. See the Join page for details on how to join. A listing of all members and all PCO's is also on this site.

We meet at least once a month, on the second Wednesday. See the monthly meetings page for details of the meeting time, and the monthly agenda page for the program of next month's meeting.

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets once a month - meeting dates are on the calendar page. All members are welcome to attend Executive Board meetings. Related information:
•    Executive Board description and biographies
•    By-Laws
•    E-Board minutes and related documents.
•    Members List
•    PCO's List


See the Committees page on this website.

Executive Board Biographies

See the Executive Board Page

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Elected Officers
Marcee Stone-Vekich - 206.465.1963
Ted Barker - 206.954.7755
First Vice Chair
Tamsen Spengler - 206.932.2772
Second Vice-Chair
Karen Chilcutt - 206.935.3216
Kathryn Sprigg - 206-933-6754
Lisa Plymate - 206.937.5050
State Committeewoman
Chris Porter- 206.856.0182
State Committeeman
Maria Ramirez - 206.767.2724
King County Committeewoman
Michael Arnold - 253-377-2028
King County Committeeman
Layne Bautista - 206.938.1765
KC Committeewoman Alt
Jimmy Haun - 206.390.2761
KC Committeeman Alt

Committee Chairs
Brian Earl - 206.935.3731
By-Laws Chair
Communications Chair
Aileen Sison - 206.747.0802
Kari Feeney
Diversity Co-Chairs
Walter Sive - 206.933.7577
Finance Chair
Carol Frillman - 425.785.7502
Fundraising Chair
Mike Heavey - 206.755.1576
Hospitality Chair
Tamsen Spengler - 206.932.2772
Legislative Action
Joy Pakulak - 206.380-5448
Membership Chair
Steve Butts - 206.935.0798
Outreach Chair
Les Treall - 206.948.5423
PCO Chair
Marcee Stone-Vekich - 206.465.1963
Steve Karbowski- 206.
Program Chairs
Jimmy Haun - 206.390.2761
Martha Koester - 206.762.6417
Newsletter Editor
Bill Schrier - 206.937.8045
Web Editor

E-Board Minutes
and Documents


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