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This page describes the reorganization and election of officers for the 34th District Democrats, which will occur on January 9th (see the complete agenda here). The results of the reorganization are immediately below, and the reorganization process is immediately below that here. A list of announced candidates and their biographies (if provided) is also on this page - see it below.

Reorganization Results - New Officers

The 34th District Democratic Organization met on January, 9, 2013, and reorganized - elected new officers and appointed new committee chairs for 2013-2014.
Click to see larger versionClick the photo above to see a larger version with names and titles. The officers pictured above are (seated), Marcee Stone-Vekich, Chair; Ted Barker, First Vice-Chair; Tamsen Spengler, Second Vice-Chair and Chair of the Legislative Action Committee; Marlene Allbright, Secretary; Karen Chilcutt, Treasurer. Standing in back are Steve Butts, Outreach; Brian Earl, By-Laws; Lisa Plymate, State Committeewoman; Phil Tavel, Communications; Layne Batista, King County Committeewoman Alternate; Les Treall, PCOs; Maria Ramirez, King County Committeewoman; Jackie Dupras, Newsletter Editor; Chris Porter, State Committeeman; Aileen Sison, Diversity; Jimmy Haun, King County Committeeman Alternate and Parliamentarian; Carol Frillman, Fund-raising; Michael Heavey, Hospitality; and partially hidden behind him Michael Arnold, King County Committeeman; Joy Pakulak, Membership and Walter Sive, Finance. Not pictured are Barb Parker, Sergeant-at-Arms; Steve Karbowski, co-Chair of the Program Committee; and the photographer, Bill Schrier, who is also the web editor and tweeter at www.twitter.com/34dems.

Reorganization Process

Every two years, on the odd numbered year, Democratic party organizations in legislative districts in the State of Washington reorganize and elect new officers. Our reorganization will be at our regular meeting time at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday January 9.

The reorganization is governed by our by-laws which you can view here. The by-laws also specify the duties and requirements for most of the officer positins.

Only Precinct Committee Officers elected in the August Primary Election are eligible to vote for the offices of Chair, First and Second Vice Chairs, King County Committee Man and Woman and their Alternates, and the State Committee Man and Woman.

The bylaws of the Washington State Democrats provide that, during the reorganization, only elected PCOs vote for those offices where only PCOs have a vote. This includes all offices except Secretary and Treasurer. No PCOs will be appointed until after the election of officers. This is a requirement of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. Here is the list of eligible PCOs, elected in August 2013.

Any voting member may vote for the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. Any voting member (those residing inside the 34th District) may run for any office.

Those members who have stated an interest in running for office are listed below. If they have provided a biography it is further down on this page:

This list does not preclude any member from running for any office. Nominations will be taken from the floor and there is nothing to prevent you from deciding on January 9 that you want to run for a particular office. If you do decide to run for any office, you may receive a list of eligible voters for that office, be it PCOs or all members. Please contact Tim Nuse (see list of officers at the right of this page) for such a list.

Biographies of Candidates for Officer Positions
If you wish to run for an officer position, send your biography and a photo to the Web Editor Bill Schrier ASAP. Also send any updates or corrections to the information below.

Marcee StoneMarcee Stone-Vekich - Candidate for Chair
I ask for your vote to serve as your Chair. I've been deeply involved with the 34th since 2006 and served as both King County and State Committeewoman. At the State Committee, I served on the Resolutions Committee for the last four years, and as its co-chair the last two. I was appointed co-chair of the 2012 State Convention Platform and Resolutions Committee. I represented our state at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, as an Obama delegate. I knocked on more doors and made more phone calls in GOTV efforts this election than ever before. I traveled to Nevada to help the labor effort there.
When asked by current chair, Tim Nuse, and our PCO chair, Les Treall, to run, I weighed the choice very seriously before I accepted. I've received the endorsements of prior chair, Ivan Weiss, and our state delegation: Joe Fitzgibbon, Eileen Cody and Sharon Nelson. My vision for the district is simple, the mission basic, and our aim should be true: Elect Outstanding Democrats!
Our district is blessed with four distinct jurisdictions. We need to involve members from Burien, Vashon, West Seattle, and White Center to participate fully in this organization. We need to grow our membership from all communities and foster a diverse presence on the e-board. We only need to look at the results of the recent national election or the faces in the pictures from the national convention to know that demographics have changed. We've known this for some time from living in our communities. We live in a new country, and the leadership and membership in our district organization should reflect that. We can build on the hard work of Tamsen Spengler and the diversity committee to keep our organization relevant and enduring.

Ted Barker - Candidate for First Vice-Chair
I am a native of the Puget Sound area and a 19 year resident of West Seattle. I grew up in Snohomish then attended Western Washington University. After living on the eastside in the 80's I moved to West Seattle in 1991. Although a long time liberal and democratic voter my involvement with the 34th began when I volunteered with Tom Carr's unsuccessful reelection campaign. I had met Tom through youth sports; our kids are the same age and participated in sports together.
Since that time I have volunteered for many campaigns and have been elected PCO in my precinct. My community involvement has included being a long time volunteer for youth sports. I served on the board of Southwest Seattle Pony Baseball (now known as West Seattle Baseball) for seven years. Currently I'm Vice President of an organization called Friends of Athletic Fields (FAF), which advocates for active recreation facilities within the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation.
As a father of two teenage sons I very much believe in the value of getting youth involve in civic life. It is my belief the best way to begin their engagement is voting. If elected to Vice Chair I would work to get youth registered to vote and involved in the Democratic Party.

Click for larger imageTamsen Spengler - Candidate for Second Vice-Chair
I have been an active member of the 34th District Executive Board and Chair of the Diversity Committee for the last three years. I have enjoyed working with the Executive Board as they are very dedicated to the mission of the Democratic party and the 34th District Democrats. I am also the Vice President for the White Center Community Development Association's board and a member of the Morgan Street Community Association. I enjoy supporting the 34th District's Outreach Committee also by participating in all of the special events, parades and information booths.
I have been married for 42 years to Dan Spengler, who grew up in West Seattle, and we have lived in West Seattle for thirty- some years. We have three children, four grandchildren and now two GREAT grandchildren. We enjoy walking our dogs, hiking in the Pacific Northwest, and bird watching. I have been employed for the last five years at the City of Seattle's Human Services Dept. in the Aging & Disability Unit.

Karen ChilcuttKaren Chilcutt - Candidate for Treasurer
I just completed four years as the Chair of the West Seattle Democratic Women where I also served two years as its Treasurer. I'm a degreed accountant (U of W, 1983) currently retired but my professional life included being an Accountant/Office Manager for three owner owned small businesses, two years in a local West Seattle accountant's tax preparation office, ten years as owner/accountant of a bookkeeping, tax preparation service inside my home and eight years as a project accountant for Skilling Ward Magnuson Barkshire (a noted engineering firm).
I served the 34th as a Clinton delegate to the State Democratic Convention in Spokane; volunteered as a Democratic observer at the KC Elections Office; spoke, upon the request of the Diversity Committee, at their program on Democracy at the White Center Community Cultural Center; and am currently a PCO.
Personally, I am a native Seattleite, lived in West Seattle for 40 years, married for 42 years with one daughter, still active in WSDW, the 7th Congressional District Coordinator for the We the People/Project Citizen's civic programs, and do volunteer work for MOHAI.
I would appreciate your support for my candidacy as your Treasurer!

Marlene AllbrightMarlene Allbright - Candidate for Secretary
I am a native Seattleite, and a resident of Burien for the last seven years. Prior to that, I lived my entire life in West Seattle, attending Alki Elementary, James Madison, and West Seattle High School. I'm a special education teacher at Chief Sealth International High School, and have worked for Seattle Public Schools for 27 years. I am currently a Seattle Education Association representative, and a member of the Washington Education Association and the National Education Association. I am committed to the cause to protect the collective bargaining rights of all workers, and to fight for great public education for all students. I've been a lifelong democrat, but didn't receive my wake-up call to become seriously involved in Democratic politics until the Governor of the state of Wisconsin began his offensive against the collective bargaining rights of workers. I joined the 11th District Democrats in 2011, and was elected secretary of the district. In 2012, I became the campaign manager for one of the legislative candidates, and did doorbelling and phone banking for various issues and candidates. I believe the position of secretary for the 34th is an important one, so that issues discussed are communicated effectively to our members and the general community. I look forward to becoming a more active member of the 34th and working with such a stellar group of committed and active democrats. Thank you for your support.

Click for larger versionChris Porter - Candidate for State Committeeman
My name is Chris Porter and I have been a proud member of the 34th for more than 5 years. I currently serve on the e-board and as the state committeeman for the 34th. I have chaired and co-chaired the Garden Party since 2009, with this last garden party achieving record profits for the 34th. I. have proudly represented the 34th at the last two Democratic National Conventions as a delegate. I am a small business owner in West Seattle and practice as a Nurse Practitioner. I would like the opportunity to continue to serve as your state committeeman so I ask for your support and vote.
Additionally Marcee Stone has served with distinction as the 34th's state committeewoman and would be an asset as the chair of the 34th. I would like to endorse Marcee Stone for chair of the 34th.

Lisa PlymateLisa Plymate - Candidate for State Committeewoman
I'm a lifelong Democrat, third generation out of 5, reaching back to my suffragette grandmother and extending forward to my 3 year old grandson, who got to cheer "Rockobama" this past fall. I've lived in Washington state since 1978 and became active in our party politics in 2003,when I couldn't take sitting back any longer.
I've worked on the King County legislative action committee; the County and State platform and resolutions committees and have had the privilege of serving as your King County committeewoman the past 4 years. I'm now ready to move on, and would love to serve as the 34th's State Committeewoman. I would see my role as not only helping to recruit and elect leaders statewide, but also seeing that we carefully select true progressives - and push them to act in that capacity. We do not need turncoats who are not true Democrats.
This year I also had the honor of being elected a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, truly an inspiring and enlightening experience. Along with Ann and Tony Martin and a UW medical student, I rode a bus from the RNC in Tampa to the DNC in Charlotte, working with Doctors for America, a grassroots movement of doctors fighting to meaningfully reform our health care delivery system. I serve as Washington's state director of DFA, in addition to practicing medicine for Providence ElderPlace, working with the very poor, frail elderly. Whatever position I am in, I will continue to fight for high quality affordable health care for all. My other top priorities include fighting for quality education, campaign finance reform, combating climate change and generally supporting the values expressed in our King County platform.
Thank you so much for your support!

Maria RamirezMaria Ramirez, Candidate for King County Committeewoman
I would like to represent the 34th district as King County Committeewoman. I will work hard to ensure good communication, and ensure that our priorities are addressed.
I'm a project manager in the King County Housing Finance Program. As of December 31, I have put in 30 years of public service. I served as the co-executive director of Campana Quetzal, a leading non-profit advocating for Latino children in Seattle Schools, and I have lead efforts to pilot an after school bi-literacy program for 1st and 2nd graders, designed a pilot summer school program for high school students in South Park, and initiated a plan to work with four schools in which they would share resources, plan community events and develop relationships with the families in an effort to get them involved in their children's education. In 2007 I ran for School Board in our district.
I see being King County Committeewoman as an opportunity and as a challenge for me to get more involved and play a role in democracy for our district, county and state.

Michael Arnold, Candidate for King County Committeeman
Although I've always been interested in politics, I wasn't active until we moved to West Seattle in April of 2011. That first year, at the Junction Festival, my wife and I happened upon the Kickin' 34th booth where we were encouraged to register with our new address and vote. They also invited us to the Garden Party; we went, and that's where we met Ann Martin and others who made us feel like we were amongst friends and like-minded progressives. I went to my first meeting soon after that and became a member. Since them I've knocked on many doors, encouraged my neighbors to vote, worked a booth, and been elected PCO. I walked along side Eileen Cody, Joe Fitzgibbon and Kathleen Drew in the Hi-Yu-Parade, held signs up for Jay Inslee, experienced the caucus process and learned what it takes to become a delegate. This year I had the opportunity to learn a great deal from Walter Sive about the financial side of the 34th. Next year I plan to work with Les Treall to assist with precinct organization.

Layne Batista, Candidate for King County Committeewoman Alternate
I was asked by Dow Constantine to be a PCO in the fall of 2007 and I have been PCO for my precinct ever since. I have volunteered my time doorbelling and phone banking for several campaigns now, including those for Obama (2008 & 2012), Patty Murray, and Marcee Stone. In 2010, I was a delegate to the Democratic State Convention. I have helped with check-in/check-out for the last two Summer Garden Parties/Auctions, and I helped Steve Butts with our latest Area Caucus.
I come to 34th District meetings regularly and would be pleased to serve as the King County Committeewoman Alternate representing the 34th.

Jimmy Haun, Candidate for King County Committeeman Alternate

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