Updated November 18, 2007
Candidates' Forum for Democrats Seeking Appointment as State Representative

These photos are from the forum held Wednesday October 24th at the Hall at Fauntleroy, moderated by Lucy Gaskill-Gaddis. Click any photo to enlarge it. Here is more information about the candidates - click on a name to see their resume, candidate questionnaire and other information:
    •   Kim Becklund
    •   Jack Block, Jr.
    •   Greg Doss
    •   Lucy Krakowiak
    •   Toni Lysen
    •   Sharon Nelson
    •   Ivan Weiss (withdrawn - click on the link to see his statement)

Photos of the State Representative Candidates' Forum

Candidates Forum October 24, 2007

Above: Panographic view of the forum and panel

Right: Candidates answer "yes-no" questions from Moderator Lucy Gaskill-Gaddis

Candidates Answer Questions

Candidates' Panel, Toni Lysen, Sharon Nelson, Moderator, Lucy Krakowiak, Kim Becklund, Greg Doss

Candidates Panel View

Overview of the forum and audience

Forum Overview 2007

Another view of the candidates' panel

Panel of Candidates, Repr. Forum 2007

Candidates answer Yes-No questions (some "no" answers this time, a question about running for election next year).

Candidates answer Yes-No Questions

Candidates answer Yes-No questions

Candidates answer Yes-No Questions

Right: Moderator Lucy Gaskill-Gaddis

Below: Another view of the forum audience

Moderator Lucy Gaskill-Gaddis
State Representative Candidates' Forum 2007
Candidate Greg Doss speaking

Candidate Kim Becklund

Candidate Greg Doss

Candidate Kim Becklund speaking
Candidate Toni Lysen speaking

Candidate Toni Lysen

Candidate Lucy Krakowiak

Candidate Lucy Krakowiak speaking
Candidate Sharon Nelson speaking

Candidate Sharon Nelson

Candidates and Forum organizers. For better quality versions of this photo:
Medium quality with caption (367 kb)
High quality without caption (1.44 MB)

2007 Repr. Forum candidates and organizers

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