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Photos 34th Legislative District Caucus
For a report of the caucus and a list of delegates selected, go here. Click any photo for a higher quality version. A very high quality (more than 1 megabyte) copy of any photo is available from the webmaster. More photos will be posted during the day, Sunday, April 6th.

34th LD Caucus Convenes
The Caucus Convenes

Eileen Cody speaks to 34 Dems LD Caucus
State Rep. Eileen Cody Speaks

KC Councilmember Dow Constantine at 34 Dems Caucus
Caucus Chair Dow Constantine Speaks

State Rep. Eileen Cody speaks to the 34th LD Caucus
Eileen Cody speaking

9th CD Obama Sub-caucus
9th CD Obama Caucus

9th CD Clinton sub-caucus
9th CD Clinton Caucus

7th CD Clinton caucus nominees line up to speak
7th CD Clinton caucus nominees line up to speak

Tally Committee collects ballots, 34th Dems Caucus
The Tally Committee collects ballots

Credentials Committee Delivers its final report
The Credentials Committee delivers its Final Report

Delegates look up their Precinct Number
Delegates look up their Precinct Info

34 Dems LD Caucus Sign-In
Delegates Sign-In

Tally Committee at the 34 Dems Caucus
Tally Committee in the Obama Caucus

Credentials Committee preparing its Report
Credentials Committee thinks about its Report

7th CD Obama caucus nominees line-up to speak
7th CD Obama Caucus line-up of nominees

State Senator Joe McDermott's lunches
State Senator Joe McDermott provided lunch at cost

34 Dems give to our local food banks
Democrats give for Food Banks

Patricia McInturff speaking for Clinton
Patricia McInturff speaks on behalf of Hillary Clinton

Tim Nuse speaks for Obama
Tim Nuse speaks on behalf of Barack Obama

34 Dems Caucus Delegate asks for Votes

"Nominate Me"

34 Dems Caucus Credentials Committee
The Credentials Committee Working

Sidestage at the 34 Dems 2008 Caucus
A view from Sidestage

34Dems Caucus Final Credentials Report
Final Credentials Committee Report

7th CD Clinton Sub-caucus Nominees for Delegate on stage
Nominees on-stage at the 7th CD Clinton sub-caucus

Credentialing Volunteers
Volunteers doing Credentialing

34 Dems Caucus signs for Obama
Signs for Obama and Ginsberg

Arun Jhaveri speaks to the 9th CD Clinton sub-caucus
9th CD Clinton sub-caucus Arun Jhaveri speaks

Richard Bartlett chairs the 7th CD Clinton Sub-caucus
Richard Bartlett chairing the 7th Clinton sub-caucus

Vote for Hillary signs at 34 Dems Caucus
Vote for Hillary signs

Delegates sign-in to the 34th Dems LD Caucus
Delegates sign-in by Precinct

Obama Volunteers in their "corner" of the 34 Dems Caucus
Obama Volunteers decorated their corner

Laura and Sally at the Candidate Sign-in Table
Laura and Sally sign in Candidates for Delegate

Vote for Ginsberg for Obama Delegate
Vote for Ginsberg

Rob Jones with his Obama sign
Rob Jones enthusiastically supports Barack Obama

Walter Sive conducts Credentials Committee Training
Walter Sive conducts Credentials Committee Training

The Credentials Committee trains, 34th Dems Caucus
Credentials Committee being trained

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