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Meeting Minutes for January are here.

Articles Posted in January, 2008

Sample PCO Doorhanger, click to enlargeUpdated January 13, 2008
PCO Doorhanger
PCO Dina Johnson has produced a doorhanger which PCOs can customize and use when walking their precincts. The doorhanger provides a place for PCOs to affix a business card and to sign their name. On the back of the doorhanger, PCOs can hand write a message or place a label with a special message about, for example, caucuses. A sample doorhanger is at the right (click to enlarge the image). Complete instructions and downloadable documents for the doorhangers and business cards are on the website here.

The Backbone Campaign - click to learn moreUpdated January 14, 2008
Backbone Campaign Seeks Donations to win $50,000 Challenge
As you may know, the Backbone Campaign is headquartered on Vashon Island and is a grassroots effort to embolden citizens and elected officials to stand up for progressive values. Actor Kevin Bacon's online giving project and the Network For Good have offerred $50,000 to the four U.S. not-for-profit organizations which raise the most individual donations by January 31st. This is a great opportunity for Democrats and progressives to massively multiply our contributions to support our own Backbone Campaign. Read all the details here, make even a small contribution (say $10) and then pass this idea along to other Progressives as well.

Updated December 29, 2007
January 9th District Meeting
January 9th is the next regular meeting of the 34th District Democrats. The tentative agenda is on the Agenda page. See also Chair Ivan Weiss' message for January, below, and the January newsletter, which you will receive the week of January 1st, or you can download it here.

Ivan Weiss, Chair, 34th District DemocratsUpdated December 26, 2007
January Message from Chair Ivan Weiss
The Presidential Year

The year 2008 is on us, another "presidential year," and the culmination of the four-year election cycle. But even here in one of the most solidly Democratic areas of the state, we'll have a lot of work to do.

Our District organization is relatively well organized. Our membership reached an all-time high in 2007 and we look to top that in 2008. Meeting attendance and committee participation are up, we lead the whole state in percentage of precincts filled by PCOs, and we are not through filling precincts by a long shot.

I am confident that the Democratic nominee for President will carry this state and that all our incumbent U. S. Representatives will be re-elected, and I have high hopes that we can elect Darcy Burner to the House in the Eighth District, and I foresee no serious challenges to our incumbent state legislators.

The statewide races are another story. By rights Governor Gregoire should be re-elected by a landslide. The 133-vote margin that she won by in 2004 should be 133,000 votes this time. That's how good a job she has done, in my opinion.

Her Republican opponent is an outright charlatan who has little to no record of achievement, and because he says nothing that might offend anyone and does not appear to take a strong, unequivocal position on anything of importance, somehow he resists being labeled as the right-wing stalking horse that he is.

But he is anti-government, anti-reproductive choice, anti-environment, anti-labor, opposed to strong controls on air and water pollution and runaway development, opposed to full funding of health care for children, and opposed to improving public education.

In short, he is unfit to be the governor of this state - or any other state - and it's our job to convey that to the voters of the 34th District. We can't count on the voters in this state getting the message, as long as the mass media gain viewers and listeners and readers by promoting the notion of an electoral "horse race," and as long as the malicious, well-funded right-wing smear machine and its pseudo-"think tanks" continue to cast doubt on the governor's record.

If this race ends up being close for whatever reason, high Democratic turnout and performance in the 34th could provide the winning margin, as it could in races for Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Secretary of State.

Our District had an 85 percent turnout in 2004. That didn't "just happen" without a lot of hard work by a lot of us, and it won't "just happen" again. We have to increase the numbers of active Democrats in the 34th, and thereby increase our number of "ground troops" for the election.

That task will start with the precinct caucuses, February 9, at which we will deliver this message to caucus attendees. We will hope to impress on them the need to register all eligible voters in their precincts, to determine somehow if they are Democrats or are likely to vote Democratic, and if so, to get them the information that they need-and to make sure that they fill out their ballots and mail them in.

We are well ahead of our 2004 organizing pace for the precinct caucuses, thanks to Tim Nuse and his team. If you click on the caucus link on the Web site, it will tell you who your PCO is and where your precinct caucus will be. Web sites such as West Seattle Blog have been helping us, too. Please expect a lot of training and a lot of detail work through January. Certainly our meeting agenda for January will include much of this information.

We'll be electing a new first vice chair, Secretary, King County Committeewoman, and King County Committeewoman Alternate at our January meeting, and voting on several resolutions, so please come prepared.

And if you have not paid your 2008 dues, you'll need to do so. Thanks for reading this far, Happy New Year to all, and let's make 2008 a real year to remember.

Calendar Events in January, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Precinct Caucus Training
•   Will occur prior to the 34th District meeting (see below).
•   This training is primarily for PCOs who will be conducting their precinct caucuses. Additional training opportunities are on January 14th and 26th - see details below on this calendar page. See also the caucus page on this website.

Monday, January 14, 2008
Precinct Caucus Training
•   Burien Library, 7:00 PM
•   This training is primarily for PCOs who will be conducting their precinct caucuses. Additional training opportunities are on January 9th and 26th - see details elsewhere on this calendar page. See also the caucus page on this website.

Fri - Sat, January 25-26, 2008
Washington State Democratic Central Committee Meeting
•   Vancouver, Washington
•   Details on the State Party Website

Saturday, January 26, 2008
Precinct Caucus Training
•   Southwest Library, 2:00 PM.
•   This training is primarily for PCOs who will be conducting their precinct caucuses. Additional training opportunities are on January 9th and 14th - see details above on this calendar page. See also the caucus page on this website.

Sunday, January 27, 2008
Canvas for Caucuses
•   11:00 AM, meet up at 10230 10th SW, Seattle. Contact Les Treall for more info at 206 948 5423
•   We will be walking targeted precincts encouraging Democrats to attend the caucuses on February 9th. For precincts without PCO's, we'll also be trying to identify chairs for convening caucuses.
•   We need volunteers for this canvas, especially anyone who speaks Spanish. Contact Tim Nuse via e-mail or at 206-226-4849.

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