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September 12, 2007, Meeting
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Official Minutes
September 12, 2007 Meeting

Click here for the minutes in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).

Chairman Ivan Weiss called the meeting to order at 7:01PM.

The flag salute was led by Walter Sive.

The agenda, minutes, and Treasurer's Report were moved, seconded, and approved by voice vote.

Chairman's Report
The White Center Community Development Center's Annual Dinner and Auction is Saturday, September 15th.
The King County Legislative Action Committee will meet at the High Point Library on Sunday, September 16th at 2:00PM.
34th District Senator Erik Poulsen will resign from office October 1st or 2nd. It is likely that Representative Joe McDermott will be elected to that seat. The resulting open position will be filled following a process which is under the jurisdiction of the KCDCC and will not be a part of the 34th District meetings.

Margaret Ceis moved to change the agenda to allow time to discuss the selection process for the vacant seats. Robin Hess spoke against the motion. Peggy Tlapak spoke to support. KCDCC chair Suzie Sheary spoke to explain the process. The motion was defeated for lack of a two-thirds vote (48 yes, 33 no).

First Chair's Report
Tanya Aguilar yielded her time. Her report will be in the newsletter.

Resolution Regarding Saving the Charlestown Cafe
The motion was moved and seconded to approve. Harry Vye spoke to support and there was no opposition. The resolution unanimously passed.

Proposed Bylaws Change
It was moved and seconded to approve a proposed change to Section 5 of the bylaws regarding use of the District mailing list. Jackie Dupras explained the change and spoke to support. Ernestine Pearl Rosendale spoke against and proposed it be sent back to the Board for further study. The motion failed for lack of a 2/3 vote (54 for, 30 against).

Credentials Report: 99 voting members present.

Seattle City Council Position 3: Bruce Harrell was endorsed. Laverne Lamoureux spoke to support and yielded her time to the candidate. There was no opposition. (50 for, 16 opposed)

Seattle City Council Position 7: David Della's name was removed at the request of the candidate.

Seattle School District Position 1: Sally Soriano was not endorsed. John Repp spoke to support and Leslie Harris spoke against. (12 for, 61 opposed))

Seattle School District Position 2: Sherry Carr was endorsed. Walter Sive spoke to support. Clair Foster also spoke to support and yielded her time to the candidate. Walter Sive spoke against. (56 for, 20 opposed). Darlene Flynn was endorsed. Irene Stewart spoke to support. Bill Schrier also spoke in support and yielded his time to the candidate. Walter Sive spoke against. (60 for, 14 opposed)

Seattle School District Position 3: Harium Martin-Morris was endorsed. Vicki Martinez spoke to support and yelded her time to the candidate. There was no opposition. (88 for, 0 opposed)

Seattle Port Commission Position 2: Gael Tarleton was endorsed. Peggy Abby spoke to support. Dan Fievez also spoke to support and yielded his time to the candidate. Jeff Upthegrove and Walt Creekmore spoke against. (61 for, 26 opposed)

Regional Transit Improvement District was endorsed. County Councilman Dow Constantine spoke to support. There was no opposition. (81 for, 2 opposed)

King County Initiative 24: no motion made.

King County Initiative 25 was not endorsed. County Councilman Dow Constantine and Peggy Tlapak spoke to support a "no" vote. Dan Fievez spoke to oppose. The vote was unanimous to endorse the "no" vote.

Washington State Initiative 960 was not endorsed. Russ Brubaker spoke to support a "no" vote. There was no opposition. The vote was unanimous to endorse the "no" vote.

Amendment to State Constitution SJR 8206 was not endorsed. 34th District Joe McDermott spoke to support a "no" vote. There was no opposition. The vote was unanimous to endorse the "no" vote.

Amendment to State Constitution SJR 8212 was not endorsed. Dan Fievez spoke to support a "no" vote. There was no opposition. The vote was unanimous to endorse the "no" vote.

Amendment to State Constitution EHJR 4204 (simple majority) was endorsed. Representative Joe McDermott spoke to support. There was no opposition and the vote was unanimous.

Amendment to State Constitution SHJR 4215 had no motion.

King County Proposition 1 (Medic One) was endorsed. Sarah Francis spoke to support. There was no opposition. (70 for, 1 against)

PCO Appointments
The 34th District welcomed 19 new Precinct Committee Officers: Maurice Regnier Sea34-1447, Mark Slack Cross, Kim Becklund Sea34-1445, Sandra Lucido Sea34-1442, Valintina Gehring Bur34-0295, Arnold Neal Troeh Bur34-0524, K. Marianne Blake Sea34-1450, Patricia Throop Sea34-3265, Rosemary Blackwell Sea 34-1415, Brian Stapleton Bur34-1116, Julie Howell Sea34-1430, B.J. Bullert Sea34-1461, Jim Jones Sea34-1452.
Katherine Korpela, Joe Fitzgibbon, and Annie Phillips all applied for Bur34-0344 and Joe was selected by vote.
Tawny Madenwald and Therese McDermott both applied for Sea34-1424 and Therese was selected by vote.
Tom Jurewicz and Margaret Ceis both applied for Sea34-1438 and Margaret was selected by vote.
Tibor Horvath will be acting PCO of Sea34-1474.
Evan Nordby will be acting PCO of Sea 34-1528.

Old and New Business - none

Good of the Order
Beth Grieser made a motion to hold a candidates' forum for Representative Joe McDermott's soon to be vacated position. Cheryl Banks spoke to approve and there was no opposition. Motion passed (58 for, 0 opposed)
John Repp announced the showing of the film "Why We Fight" on September 17th, 6PM, at Fauntleroy Church.

Announcing their candidacy and requesting support for the unexpired term of Joe McDermott were: Lucy Krakowiak, Greg Doss, Sharon Nelson, Jack Block, Jr., Toni Lysen, and Kim Becklund. Noel Frame and Walt Creekmore spoke for the candidacy of Ivan Weiss.
Representative Joe McDermott and John Kennedy announced their candidacy for Senator Poulsen's seat.
Joe Mitter, past 34th District Chair, discussed his possible candidacy for Representative McDermott's seat.
Marcee Stone, president of Washington Public Campaigns, announced a Meet-up Thursday, September 20th at 7PM. Location is Gino's Bakery at 16th and Ambaum.
Bruce Stotler thanked all who helped make the Garden Party such a huge success.
Ann Martin announced the Southwest Youth and Family Services Breakfast on Tuesday, September 18th at 7:30AM. Location is Salty's on Alki.
Tom Jurewicz announced the White Center Food Bank's Harvest Dinner and Auction on October 20th at 5:30PM. Location is SSCC.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00PM

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Henderson

Informal Notes and Photos
September 2007 Meeting
Click any photo to enlarge it.
Members line up to be appointed PCO's
Shirley Carlson and Evan Nordby

Above: Members line up to declare their intention to become PCO's.
Left: Two PCO's talking.

Right: Jackie Dupras credentials members.

Giving Credentials at the Sept 2007 meeting
Harry Vye speaks to save the Charleston Cafe

Left: Harry Vye saving the Charlestown Cafe

Right: Ann Martin and Richard Bartlett count votes

Ann Martin and Richard Bartlett count votes
Dorene Carrell and Jackie Dupras

Left: Dorene Carrell and Jackie Dupras

Right: Lois Elenich, Ann Martin and Ernestine Pearl-Rosendale

Lois Elenich, Ann Martin, Ernestine Pearl-Rosendale
Gael Tarelton Speaking to 34th Dems

Left: Gael Tarleton speaking. Timekeeper Elaine Russell signaling "time is up".

Right: Bruce Stotler and Steve Karbowski talk to a potential PCO.

Talking to a Potential PCO
Keith Weir and Mark Slack

Left: Keith Weir and Mark Slack

Right: Jackie Dupras signs in members

Jackie Dupras signs in members, including Steven Butts
Harium Martin-Morris speaking

Left: Harium Martin-Morris speaking

Right: Ann Martin counts votes

Ann Martin counts endorsement votes
Joe Mitter, former chair of the 34th

Left: Joe Mitter

Right: Sharon Nelson

Member Sharon Nelson
Kim Becklund, member of the 34th

Left: Kim Becklund

Right: John Kennedy

PCO John Kennedy

Right: A view of the members attending the September meeting.

September 2007 34th Dems Meeting

Meeting of Wednesday, September 12, 2007
The Hall at Fauntleroy
9131 California Avenue S.W.,
West Seattle, Washington

"All The Democracy You Can Handle"

Download the Agenda as a printable PDF Document

•   6:30 PM - Social - drinks provided, please bring potluck food to share
•   7:00 Call to order, flag salute •   7:03 PM - Adoption of agenda, minutes of July meeting, treasurer's report
•   7:05 PM Chairman's report
•   7:10 PM First Vice Chair's report


7:15 PM - Proposed By-Laws Change regarding release of member and mailing lists (see text below)

7:20 PM - Resolution: Saving the Charleston Cafe (see text below).

7:30 PM - Endorsements for Candidates and ballot Measures (see below for offices, rules and who can vote). Click here for a PDF file of offices, ballot measures and our present endorsements.
•   7:30 PM Endorsements: Opening remarks
•   7:30 PM Seattle City Council Position 3: Bruce Harrell
•   7:40 PM Seattle City Council Position 7: David Della
•   7:50 PM Seattle School District Position 1: Sally Soriano
•   8:00 PM Seattle School District Position 2: Sherry Carr, Darlene Flynn
•   8:15 PM Seattle School District Position 3: Harium Martin-Morris
•   8:25 PM Seattle Port Commission Position 2: Gael Tarleton
•   8:35 PM Regional Transit Improvement District (RTID)
•   8:45 PM King County Initiative 24 (Citizen Councilor Network)
•   8:55 PM King County Initiative 25 (elected Elections Director)
•   9:05 PM Washington State Initiative 960 (two-thirds approval for all tax increases)
•   9:15 PM Amendment to State Constitution SJR 8206 (rainy day fund)
•   9:25 PM Amendment to State Constitution SJR 8212 (authorizes inmate labor)
•   9:35 PM Amendment to State Constitution EHJR 4204 (simple majority)
•   9:40 PM Amendment to State Constitution SHJR 3215 (higher education permanent funds)

Business Meeting
•   Old Business
•   New Business
•   Appointment of PCO's
•   Good of the Order

Next Meetings:
•   October 10: Program TBD
•   November 14: General Election Results

Proposed By-Laws Change: Member and Mailing Lists
The Executive Board proposes the following change to the Organization's By-Laws:

Section 5. Use of the District Member and Mailing List
  a. The lists will be released only in hard copy form. Mailing labels will be provided at cost except as provided in Section 3).
  b. The lists will not include phone numbers or e-mail addresses except by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.
  c. The lists may be released to:
    1) An endorsed candidate or ballot issue campaign,
    2) An incumbent Democrat whose office represents the 34th District,
    3) Candidates who have filed for an office representing the 34th District and who are seeking our endorsement. The charge for such a list will be $50.
    4) The Executive Board may approve, by a two-thirds vote, release of the list or lists to other organizations, candidates, ballot issue campaigns, or for any other purpose.
    5) The district organization has the right to refuse to give out any list for any reason. A decision to refuse access to a list shall be made by the chair, or, if not available, the first vice chair, who shall report such refusal to the Executive Board. A majority of the Board is required to override the decision of the chair or vice-chair.

Resolution Regarding Saving the Charlestown Cafe
WHEREAS, the Charlestown Cafe, located at the southeast corner of California Ave SW and SW Charlestown St., has for seventeen years been apopular restaurant in the neighborhood serving mealsand snacks to 3,500 - 4,000 people per week; and
WHEREAS, it is also an established center of the local community for social events and general socializing; and
WHEREAS, the landlord, Rainier Property Management, is planning to tear it down and replace it with a new commercial building; and
WHEREAS, the plans of that landlord and the developer, Madison Development, include replacing the cafe with a Petco "big box" building; and
WHEREAS, this location is in the midst of a residential neighborhood with many schools and churches nearby,
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT we oppose Rainier Property plans to erect a Petco "big box" building on the site; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT we encourage Rainier Property Management to incorporate a spot for the Charlestown Cafe in its plans to develop that location; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the 34th District Democrats be encouraged to let their feelings be know to our elected representatives, to Rainier Property Management, Madison Development and Charlestown Cafe.

Endorsements - September 2007
Offices:   Click here to download a document showing all known ballot measures races, candidates and our present endorsements in the 34th District for the general election.
Endorsement Rules:   See endorsement rules by which this meeting will be conducted, below.
Who Can Vote:   If you were a dues-paying member in 2006 but have not yet paid your 2007 dues, you can pay them at the beginning of this meeting and vote. (See by-laws change below.)

Endorsement Rules for 2007 Primary and General Elections
Adopted at the June, 2007, meeting. See also the 34th District by-laws, Section VII, elsewhere on this website. To view/print these rules as a PDF document, click here. To be considered for endorsement, candidates must comply with both these rules and all sections of our bylaws that pertain to endorsements.

1. Eligibility to Vote or to Speak at an Endorsement Meeting
To be eligible to vote, or to speak at an endorsement meeting, you must be a member of the 34th District Democrats who votes in the 34th District by the close of the previous month's meeting. Membership in the 34th District Democrats is determined either by payment of annual dues or by being an elected, appointed, or acting Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).
2. Endorsement Voting Requirements and Ballots
Endorsements require a vote of 2/3 of the eligible voters present and voting. Abstentions are not considered votes, and will not be counted in determining the number of votes cast. Voting will be by a show of credentials issued to eligible voters before the vote.
3. Endorsement Procedures - Candidates
3.1. Block Nominations
3.1.1. To expedite the endorsement process, motions will be entertained to endorse a block of candidates where it is expected that the endorsement of such candidates is assured, such as candidates who have secured Democratic support in the past and are currently running unopposed, or who have insignificant opposition.
3.2. Nominations
3.2.1. The chair will entertain nominations and seconds for all races that apply to all or a portion of 34th District voters. A motion for sole endorsement or a motion to close nominations shall be out of order. A motion for "no endorsement" is admissible.
3.2.2. For each motion to endorse, a nomination speech of no more than two minutes and a seconding speech of not more than two minutes will be allowed, as will be two speeches of no more than two minutes duration against the motion. Speakers shall identify themselves before speaking on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate or ballot measure. Eligible voters may cede their time to candidates, but may NOT cede their time to anyone ineligible to vote at the meeting, such as nonresident, nonmember representatives of candidates or for or against ballot measures.
3.3. Voting
3.3.1. Each eligible voter will vote by show of credentials for or against one nominated candidate or "No endorsement." If any nominated candidate or "No endorsement" receives 2/3, then that vote passes. If a candidate fails to get 2/3 of the vote, there is no endorsement.
4. Endorsement Procedures - Ballot Measures
4.1. Nominations
4.1.1. Ballot Measures include all initiatives, referenda, levies, and other races without candidates. A Ballot Measure may be nominated for consideration only in the form it would appear on the ballot.
4.1.2. For each motion to consider a Ballot Measure, a speech of no more than two minutes and a seconding speech of not more than two minutes will be allowed for each of three positions: "Support," "Reject," and "Take no position." Eligible voters may NOT cede their time to anyone ineligible to vote at the meeting.
4.2. Voting
4.2.1. Each eligible voter will vote for "Support," "Reject" or "Take no position." If any of the three choices receives 2/3, then that vote passes. If no choice receives 2/3, there is no action.
5. Primary Endorsement Meeting
The general membership meeting held on July 11, 2007 will consider endorsements for:
5.1. Races and ballot measures on the August 2007 Primary Election Ballot, and
5.2. Ballot measures on the November 2007 General Election Ballot.
6. General Election Endorsement Meeting
The general membership meeting held on September 12, 2007 will consider endorsements for races and ballot measures on the November 2007 General Election Ballot.

By-Laws Change regarding Membership Renewal
Adopted June, 2007

Article VII: Endorsements, Section 5.a. presently reads:
"Only members in good standing by the end of the prior month's meeting may vote."
This provision was put in place to prevent candidates from packing the meeting with new members and receiving an endorsement that they otherwise might not have received. This is not a hypothetical situation. This has happened in the past. Unfortunately this has also prevented some of our more forgetful members from voting at our endorsement meetings. Sometimes circumstances affect even our less forgetful members.
This year we had an endorsement in February concerning the Viaduct. This meant that members who paid their dues after January 15, which is normally considered early for Democrats, were ineligible to vote.
In order to allow all members to vote, the Executive Board has proposed and the membership, in June 2007, adopted the following wording:
"Only members in good standing by the end of the prior month's meeting may vote, except that any member who had paid dues in the previous calendar year may vote if the membership is renewed at or before the meeting where the endorsement takes place."

Updated September 10, 2007
Ivan Weiss, Chair, 34th District Democrats

Special Message from Ivan Weiss
Chair, 34th District Democrats

Process to Fill the Vacant Senate and Anticipated House Seats
(The normal September message is further down on this page.)

34th District Democrats:

It has been quite a week in the 34th District, with the resignation of Senator Erik Poulsen, the anticipated appointment of Rep. Joe McDermott to fill Erik's Senate seat, and the anticipated contest to fill Joe's House seat.

Let's run down the process that will result in appointments to fill these two vacancies, so that we know what to expect going forward.

First and foremost, the process used to fill appointments is determined by the Constitution of the State of Washington. It is not subject to negotiation.

Second, whereas both office holders are Democrats, and the Constitution says that Democrats are replaced by Democrats, as Republicans would be replaced by Republicans, and whereas the entire 34th District lies in King County, therefore administration of this entire process is under the jurisdiction of the King County Democratic Central Committee, Susan Sheary, chair. The 34th District Democratic Party organization has NO role in administering this process, except that elected and appointed 34th District Precinct Committee Officers vote to appoint the replacements.

Erik's resignation probably will be effective October 1 or 2. Only then will Suzie Sheary send out official notification to all LD34 elected and appointed PCOs of a special meeting to appoint a successor to Erik. Notice must be 10 days or more, so that meeting likely would be mid-October, at a date, time, and location to be determined.

Assuming that Joe is designated to replace Erik, that information goes then to the King County Council, which per the Constitution would appoint Joe to the Senate seat. When that happens is solely up to the County Council.

Then and only then does Joe resign his House seat, and at that point and not before, Suzie sends out another notice to the PCOs to convene for another special meeting, which will be to appoint a successor to Joe. At best, this would not take place before the last week of October.

In the meantime, we will have two membership meetings, the September meeting, this Wednesday, and the October meeting, October 10. The agenda for the September meeting is full, and whereas the 34th District Democrats have NO jurisdiction over this process, the subject of appointments to Legislative seats will NOT be on the agenda, and motions relating to such appointments will be ruled out of order.

Members are free to discuss Legislative appointments during good of the order. But the process is non-negotiable, and because we lack any jurisdiction in this matter, any motions that contain action items will be ruled out of order. The same would go for the October meeting. Comments by or about candidates would not be on the agenda, but would be limited to good of the order.

The purpose of all this is to keep our District meetings as free as possible of any taint of partiality or electioneering. Suzie and I, and the state Party's legal minds, have concluded that this is the only way to keep the process open, transparent, and fair to all applicants for the Legislative appointments.

So how do applicants for the House appointment get their message across to a large body of PCOs at a time? Until the actual appointment meeting at the end of October, when that no doubt will happen - they don't - at least certainly not at any event organized by the 34th District. We do not have jurisdiction as an organization over any part of this process. That is per the state Constitution and the Bylaws of the state Democratic Party.

Nothing is stopping a candidate or candidates from organizing any get-together with PCOs, but it will have to be on their own. There are seven weeks to go, and that is plenty of time for candidates for appointment to contact every PCO in the District several times over.

So if you are a PCO, expect that to happen. This is where "All the Democracy You Can Handle" comes in. See you Wednesday.

Ivan Weiss, Chairman, 34th District Democrats
PO Box 860
Vashon WA 98070 206-463-4647
"When they're working, we're working
When they're sleeping, we're working."

September 2007 Message from Ivan Weiss
Chair, 34th District Democrats

Tax and Spend Liberals

We never before had such a successful Garden Party and Auction. Our 12th Annual was the best one yet, pulling in a net profit of $10,245. This brings the balance in our account to $17,708. Now let's spend it on a good cause - the 2008 elections.

We're not forgetting Election Day, 2007, but after that, our most important calendar date is February 9, 2008, the date of our precinct caucuses. Much of the money that we raised at the Garden Party will go toward site rental, caucus materials, and training for PCOs and other caucus site conveners. More on that below.

It took a lot of hard work and a lot of people's time to raise that money. If you attended the Garden Party, please congratulate yourselves. If you donated items, please do likewise. If you bid on items and if you purchased any, our hats are off to you.

If you helped with setup or teardown, food and drink, furniture rental, sign-in and sign-out, you are special. If your name is Jackie Dupras, Bruce Stotler, or Mark Smith, you deserve the 34th District Democrats' undying gratitude.

So back to the caucuses. We are lining up sites now, and we hope to have that finalized during September. Our challenge from State party chair Dwight Pelz was to increase our precinct caucus turnout by 30 percent.

That would translate to 28 voters per precinct, or 5,768 total for our 206 precincts. It's a tall order, but we can fill it.


We'll be endorsing for the general election at our September meeting. That means ballot measures, Constitutional amendments, and candidates who have not yet received our endorsement, for whatever reason.

Proponents of the measures have been invited to attend the meeting with literature, but remember, endorsement meetings are for the members, and not for campaign operatives, to speak. So if you support (or oppose) a particular candidate or ballot measure, please come prepared to back up your position.

The chairman cannot guarantee that everyone who wants to speak will get the chance. Remember, our bylaws state clearly that there are no more than two speakers for and two speakers against any motion to endorse.

And finally . . . The Party loves to party!

One of the social events of the year is upon us, and it's one of the very best times in the 34th District. It features great food, catered by local ethnic restaurants. Did I say GREAT food? It features knock-down, drag-out, drop-dead FABULOUS desserts! It features a high-level silent auction, and the live dessert auction of the year, featuring the one and only Bob Watt, auctioneer par excellence, who helped make our Garden Party an all-time success.

It features top-quality entertainment, by some top-quality entertainers, many of whom live in the 34th District.

It is, of course, the annual White Center Community Development Association's Third Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner and Auction, Saturday, September 15, 5 PM, at the White Center Log Cabin, 1321 SW 102nd St.

The 34th District Democrats have bought a table at the last two dinners. Our members came away raving about the good time they had. This year we want to buy two tables. At 10 seats per table, that's 20 tickets, at $50 per ticket.

Can we do it? I hope so. It's for a good cause. WCCDA works tirelessly to promote small business and resident services to our "not so white, not so centered" jewel of a neighborhood in the heart of our District. If we are not there for our neighbors, why would we expect them to be there for us?

To buy a ticket, please send a check for $50 to WCCDA, 9615 16th Av SW, Seattle WA 98106. Please put on the memo line of the check "34th District Democrats." For more information, or to pay by credit card, please call Soona Vili at 206-694-1082 or e-mail her at soona@wccda.org. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

Thanks so much. See you then, and see you on Wednesday, September 12, for "all the democracy you can handle."

Ivan Weiss
Chairman, 34th District Democrats
PO Box 860
Vashon WA 98070

"When they're working, we're working
When they're sleeping, we're working."

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