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March 12 , 2008, Meeting
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Official Minutes

34th LD Meeting Minutes
March 12th, 2008
The Hall at Fauntleroy

7:00 - Call to order, Flag Salute
7:02 - Adoption of agenda, minutes of February meeting
7:05 - Chairman's report
7:15 - Introduction of Neighborhood Challenge Coordinator, Artemis Oakgrove
7:20 - 1st Vice Chair report

7:25 - Peter Goldmark, candidate for Washington State Lands Commissioner
7:45 - Candidates for Superior Court speak for 3 minutes each
•   Kim Prochnau
•   Susan Craighead
•   Bruce Heller
•   Mariane Spearman
7:59 - Presentation of data management software
8:15 - Resolution - Jury Duty Pay (as brought by John Kennedy)
•   Moved to table - passed
8:16 - Resolution - Universal Health Care (Henry Perrin)
•   Speaker for - Henry Perrin
•   Speaker against - Alan Monroe
•   Speaker for - Al Rouyer
•   Speaker against - Chris Porter
•   Resolution failed (for: 29, against: 43)
8:27 - Resolution - Jury Duty (as brought by Chris Arkills)
•   Speaker for - Chris Arkills
•   Move to amend (John Kennedy)
Ruled out of order based on the grounds that the amendment is part of the Whereas portion of resolution and presented as a matter of fact.
•   Speaker against - Marcee Stone
•   Speaker for - Katy Rouyer
•   Speaker against - none
•   Resolution passed (for: 62, against: 9)
8:39 - Resolution - High Point Elementary Name Change (as brought by Ann Martin and Joyce Williams)
•   Speaker for - Ann Martin (gave one minute to Principal of school)
•   Speaker against - none
•   Speaker for - Joyce Williams
•   Resolution passed (for: 40, against: 9)
8:47 - Appointment of PCOs
•   Bob Edgar (Burien 34-0276)
•   Kyle Cruver (Sealth)
•   Appointed by consensus
8:50 - Sasha Alessi moves to table originally tabled jury duty amendment (as brought by John Kennedy)
•   Seconded by Tim Nuse
•   Tabled by consensus
8:52 - Good of the Order
•   Alan Munro - need help passing HB - 3719 (please contact Senator McDermott)
•   Joe Fitzgibbon (aide to Rep. Nelson) - brief summary of successes
•   Walter Sive - need back-up volunteers for organization's finances
•   Marcee Stone - local option bill on Governor's desk
8:58 - Adjourned

Informal Notes and Photos
March 2008 Meeting
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Meeting of Wednesday, March 12, 2008
The Hall at Fauntleroy
9131 California Avenue S.W.,
West Seattle, Washington

"All The Democracy You Can Handle"

Download the agenda as a PDF file.

•   6:30 PM - Social - drinks provided, please bring potluck food to share
•   7:00 - Call to order, flag salute, Adoption of agenda, minutes of February meeting, treasurer's report
•   7:05 PM - Chairman's report: Tribute to Marilyn Omey
•   First Vice Chair's report: Caucus status
•   Peter Goldmark, candidate for state Lands Commissioner
•   Kim Prochnau, candidate for King County Superior Court
•   Rebeccah Graham, candidate for King County Superior Court
•   Susan Craighead, candidate for King County Superior Court
•   Bruce Heller, candidate for King County Superior Court
•   Mariane Spearman, candidate for King County Superior Court
•   Discussion of data management software

•   Resolution regarding jury duty pay - text in the notes from the February meeting
•   Resolution concerning name change for High Point Elementary School - text below
•   Resolution: Universal Health Care - text below

April 5th Legislative District Caucus
We will discuss our upcoming district caucus. See also the caucus page. We need help planning this caucus - more information here.

Business Meeting
•   Appointment of PCOs
•   Old Business
•   New Business
•   Good of the Order

Next Meetings:
•   April 9 - to be determined

for consideration by the 34th District Democrats
District Meeting of March 12, 2008
Here is a copy of this resolution as a PDF document.

The United States is alone among industrialized nations in not having a health care system. We pay more per person for health care than any other nation in the world, but our health ranks near the bottom compared with other developed countries. This proposed legislation will result in a health care system based on what works instead of one based on politics.
The following resolution, submitted by Henry Perrin, will be considered at the March meeting of the 34th District Democrats.

Whereas: Universal Health Care is in the best interests of the United States of America, it's residents, and businesses; and

Whereas: Political gridlock limits the ability to implement an effective Universal Health Care Systems at the present time; and

Whereas: The opportunity exists to develop a Health Care System based on pilot programs run by states to determine what works best for the country as a whole.

Therefore, be it resolved that the 34th District Democrats supports the proposed legislation entitled "How to Get Universal Health Care in Eight Years" as attached to this resolution;

And be it further resolved that the King County Democratic Convention will pass this resolution on to the State and National Democratic Conventions for adoption by these bodies.

Following is a summary of the proposed legislation: In the first two years, five states will be selected for health care pilot programs based on competitive applications. Each state will choose what type of health care system they want and will be responsible for running the programs. There will be only two requirements: the state must provide some of the funding, and everyone in the state must get health care. States with populations over 15 million will be excluded from this initial program to control costs. The five states will begin their programs during years 3 and 4. The federal government will complete an assessment of the five pilot programs in the fifth year. The five states will continue their programs and continue to receive federal grants. Funding will be expanded during years 6, 7 & 8 so that by the end of the eighth year there is universal health care in the United States. The final system will be based on the year 5 assessments, and could either be a single system run by the federal government or multiple systems run by the states.

for consideration by the 34th District Democrats
District Meeting of March 12, 2008.
Here is a copy of this resolution as a PDF document

WHEREAS, High Point Elementary School is the historical name of the school most closely associated with the High Point Housing Project;

WHEREAS, many in the community have gone to High Point Elementary School in the past and have, therefore, a personal connection to the school;

WHEREAS, the closing of Fairmount Park Elementary School resulted in the merging of the two elementary schools into a single facility at High Point;

WHEREAS, the renaming of High Point Elementary School appears to have been accomplished without adequate notice or input from the surrounding community;

WHEREAS, renaming High Point Elementary School as West Seattle Elementary School creates substantial confusion because there is already a West Seattle High School;

WHEREAS, there are no other duplicate names among the schools in the Seattle School District;

WHEREAS, the historical method of naming schools and community centers located in close proximity is to use the same name, e.g., High Point Elementary School and High Point Community Center or Montlake Elementary School and Montlake Community Center;

WHEREAS, there is no desire to disenfranchise students, parents, teachers, or the community from either school;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the 34th District Democratic Organization urges the Seattle School District to initiate discussions with the community to establish a mutually acceptable renaming, if necessary, of High Point Elementary School including at a minimum notice to residents, teachers, parents, and students of High Point and Fairmount Park Elementary schools (aka, West Seattle Elementary School).

Ivan Weiss, Chair, 34th District DemocratsUpdated March 1, 2008

What now? Now we organize!

The caucuses were something, weren't they? Love them or hate them, no one can deny that they energized Democrats all over the 34th District and beyond.

Our caucus attendance was 10,737. As far as we can tell, that was fourth best of any LD in the state, trailing the 43rd, 36th, and 46th.

We raised about $29,000. As far as we know, that is No. 1 in the state for any LD.

We added 640 new members in one day. Considering that our membership reached an all-time high of 487 at the end of 2007, that is a staggering total, and no LD in the state came close to matching that.

We have Precinct Committee Officers for 86 percent of our precincts. That percentage is No. 1 in the state. We can always use more. One hundred percent is within reach.

A whole lot of people put in a whole lot of work to achieve those totals, and we are grateful to everyone who helped. Heck, we're grateful to people who just showed up and participated.

But guess what? That was the easy part. Now we have to organize our precincts, and here is how.

Thanks to Bruce Stotler, copies of the sign-in sheets from the caucuses are back in District hands. They contain the names of the caucus attendees, and those people in each precinct who signed up to be "community leaders."

If you are a PCO, you need to pick these up from Tim Nuse or at 206-226-4849. We will have them at the March 12 meeting, but PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until then to get them.

If your PCO has not yet picked up the sign-in sheet for your precinct, please consider helping out and getting it to your PCO.

PCOs should be meeting with community leaders and other interested Democrats in their precincts ASAP, to assign areas within the precincts for volunteers to canvass. If your PCO has not contacted you, please contact your PCO, and please ask to have a precinct meeting very soon.

The canvassing should determine which addresses are not in the state party's VoteBuilder database, and who might not be registered at the addresses that are in the database. Volunteers then can register unregistered voters, or have new residents fill out registration forms with changes of names, and updated addresses or phone numbers.

The state party should have data from the 34th district's sign-in sheets entered sooner than later, because our paperwork was better organized than most Districts' were. Some PCOs who have gotten their sign-in sheets haven't waited and have entered their own data. Some have begun to organize their precincts already.

This is not just an exercise in voter registration and voter identification (who is a Democrat?). Although thousands of voters in the 34th attended our caucuses, tens of thousands didn't. Canvassing our precincts gives us the chance to reconnect with them, and to organize them. Volunteers from precincts that have identified and registered all their voters can then help out in our 29 remaining precincts that do not have PCOs.

In most cases, we'll be doing this on a street-by-street basis in each precinct. In areas where there are secure apartment buildings, we'll be looking for caucus attendees from those buildings to help us there. They might already have signed up to be community leaders; otherwise we'll be calling them and asking for their help.

It's just the beginning. Please feel free to call me for help; we'll have plenty of material available for you as the campaign progresses.


Meet a great Democrat

One statewide race that is absolutely vital to the 34th District is the race for state Commissioner of Public Lands. Get to meet our Democratic candidate, Peter Goldmark, at our March 12 meeting.

The 34th "maxed out" in contributions to Peter in his unsuccessful campaign for the House seat in the Fifth Congressional District in 2006. Lands Commissioner is a position for which Peter's background and experience suits him admirably.

Lean more about his background and positions at www.votepetergoldmark.com. Let's give him a rousing 34th District welcome on March 12, and show him what "All the Democracy you Can Handle" looks like. See you then.

Ivan Weiss, Chairman, 34th District Democrats
PO Box 860
Vashon WA 98070 206-463-4647
"When they're working, we're working
When they're sleeping, we're working."

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